Stick… Don’t Quit

A “serial quitter” is someone who looks for quick fixes, short cuts, drive-through spiritual fast food and all green lights on their road to success.   They often are running in the wrong lane towards the wrong finish line.   Sometimes their ladder of success is propped up against the wrong wall.   Have you said “yes” to the right assignment/purpose for your life?

Once you become clear, determined, diligent, relentless and resilient… no thing and no one can stop you.  Yes, they can discourage you, but you learn to overcome restlessness, impatience, pain and obstacles. Moments of uncertainty and impatience will come, but they subside.
Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store; the line was too long, you were in a hurry, someone ahead of you was taking too long. In your frustration, you kept changing lanes? You exhaled loudly and complained that the store needed more clerks. This is a test of your patience. On the way to your dream/goal/destiny/task, you will experience delays and discouragement.  It’s a test!!!! Can you wait without reward?  Can you endure waiting?   Can you endure when God is silent in your valley?   Can you enjoy the moment?   Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit.   Patience comes from the Latin word “suffer.” Worship while you wait. Work while you wait. Give thanks while you wait.  Prepare while you wait.  When there is a delay, faith says, “STAY”!
Overcome a short attention span.  Don’t quit, stick with your plan.

No longer start and stop.   Procrastination is a thief.   No more excuses. Instead of venting your complaints or getting bent out of shape with impatience, be diligent.   Get up and keep the main thing…the MAIN THING!

My word of encouragement for you today is to stay in your lane.   Stay on track.  Laziness, procrastination, lack of confidence and lack of self-control are the enemies to your success.   Be diligent in your faith and actions.   You probably have my book “Shift Happens”.  Remember to read often.    Repetition is important for transforming of your mind to think and bounce back in positive ways.

Shifthappens FC

“The soul of the diligent shall be made full (blessed by the Lord and made to prosper.) ~ Proverbs 13:4

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2 Replies to “Stick… Don’t Quit”

  1. Jewel Diamond Taylor your words have captivated my heart. I just lost my job this year, two years ago (2007) I lost my home and 2006 my son’s father passed away. Your words of encourgagement just keep me uplifted. You know what to say at the right momen. I can be feeling down for a couple of minutes and in an instant your e-mail comes across my blackberry “Don’t Give Up!….Don’t Quit!…. and this latest one Don’t Fall! Glory to God for you. I love you, keep encouraging and I’ll keep sharing your powerful points. God Bless you!

  2. Jewel Diamond your words have captivated by heart. I just lost my job and your words of encouragement just keep me uplifed. You know what to say at the right moment. I can be feeling down for a couple of minutes in an instant your name pops up on my blackberry Don’t give up….and this latest one Don’t fall. Glory to God! For you! I love you keep encouraging and I’ll keep sharing.

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