I give thanks to all of you who have given to me your love and friendship, business sales, teamwork, referrals, feedback and prayers.

When we testify (Psalm 26:7) about how good God is, we multiply our blessings, magnify our faith and glorify our Lord who shows us so mercy and grace. 

I invite you to a wonderful and blessed milestone event in my life.  Sunday, November 29. 2009,  I will be ordained as a Minister of the Gospel.  Pastor Jelani Kafela, my Pastor and Teacher at Imani Temple Christian Church in Pomona, California  will be presenting me with a license after I give my sermon at the 10:30 AM Service.  Family and friends will be in attendance to celebrate what God has done and is doing in my life as His servant.

In order to plan for enough refreshments after the service, please RSVP to if you are able to attend.

The address is 510 W. Monterey Ave, Pomona, CA 91768 I wish you and yours a beautiful, bountiful, blessed and safe holiday season. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor and family

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