New Things to Do in 2010

I am challenging myself in the new year and I challenge you to join me in doing  SOMETHING DIFFERENT in 2010.  Get out of any rut.  Get out of a box of old thinking and old habits.  Dust off your dreams.  Change your program.  Stretch out on faith.  Ask for what you want.   Act on your goals.  Let go of some grudges, drama, messy living and false starts.   Treat your body well with better foods, laughter, activity and a makeover in your wardrobe.  Pray and press more to defeat the trickster and your own self-sabotaging habits.  Go back to class.  Get to work on time.    Prepare different meals.  Forgive a family member.  Enjoy the company of a new pet or a new friend.   Let some one off the hook that you have been blaming for your failures and disappointments.   Feel, heal and deal with your wounds so you can start living instead of dying.  Choose to watch more empowering and entertaining TV programs.  Travel some where new.  Start your web site.  Be more consistent in reusing and recycling.  Never be too ashamed, too busy or too prideful to ask God for help.  Clean out your closet.  Volunteer in your church, neighborhood or nearby school.   Drive a new route to work.    Finish what you start.   Paint a room in your home.  Talk to a young person and let them know they will survive tough times because you are still standing.   Procrastination is a thief, so create another stream of income, even if it is a trickle, just get started.   Stop worrying about what other people think.  Be more of your authentic and real self…no more masks, no more games.  Throw out an old piece of furniture or broken dishes.  Take someone to lunch to really talk, listen and bond without gossip, complaining, selling them something or rushing.   Work on your shortcomings.  Promote your strengths, passions and creativity.  Simply your life.  If you can’t pay for it… pray for it.    Confront your challenges one task at a time.  Develop a recession proof kind of faith, joy and courage.  Increase your vocabulary, savings and confidence.   Share about God’s glory in your life by telling your story.   Collaborate and spend more time with people on-the-grow.  Make each day count.   Continue learning and solving problems to keep your mind/brain healthy and active.   Remember those who help you instead of giving energy to those who hurt you.  Remember wisdom, good health, faith, family and friends are more precious than diamonds and pearls.  Wake up the sleeping giant inside of you and pursue your destiny, purpose and possibilities.   Use your imagination, trust your instincts and create empowering affirmations for yourself.  The quality of your life is shaped by the quality of your thoughts and feelings.  Be gentle, yet be more firm with yourself to motivate yourself to win in 2010. ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor, Conference Keynote Speaker, Author, Minister, Women’s Retreat Facilitator, Workplace Trainer for Effective Performance Skills, Change Management,  Customer Service and Stress Management – (permission to reprint articles in entirety including author and source)

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