. Health is your wealth.  To lengthen your life, lessen your meals.

. Time is either your teacher or a thief. Don’t get wise too late or old and bitter too soon.

.  Make the best of your situation and the best comes out of you.

.  If you dropped your dream, got back and get it!  Do something today to start the momentum towards results.

.  Every failure is not a defeat.  Get some bounce back in your backbone.

.  Don’t allow shame or guilt keep you from knowing that God loves you and can use you to inspire others. “Guilt says `I have made a mistake;’ shame says, ‘I am a mistake.'”  God gets the glory when you share your story of recovery, healing, overcoming adversity or accomplishment of a goal.

by the Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor,

to hear the thought for the day call 310-943-9237


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