Weekly Encouragement

Inspiration and talent will only carry you so far. Your habits can make or break you.  Self-discipline is the consistent behavior that moves you toward your goals.  It is a series of choices that favors your betterment rather than indulges our whims.  The first step toward developing self-discipline is accepting that every action has consequences.  We are always given the choice to move forward or fail from our own stagnation, ignorance or rebellion.

From overeating, procrastinating, impulsive shopping, gambling, pornography, cheating, anger or drug and alcohol abuse, clutter… a lack of self control in your daily life will eventually catch up with you, if it hasn’t already.

Self-discipline is not about punishment or even about a restrictive lifestyle.  It is the ability to adhere to actions, thoughts, and behaviors that result in personal improvement instead of instant gratification. Self-control (self-discipline) is a one of the fruits of the spirit.  A lack of self-discipline is the main reason for the failures we experience in both our personal and professional lives.

Start with small things. Clean your room at home or your desk at work. Train yourself to put things where they belong when they are out of place.  Think about the old saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Get yourself to the point where orderliness matters.  Learn how to keep your environment clean and clear so you can function without distractions.   Learn how to say “no” to low priority or distracting requests, activities or cravings of the body.  To learn more, listen to my CD Sel-control – “The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing…The Main Thing. Before you can develop the power of self-discipline, you must first take an honest and direct look at the excuses you use to justify your problems and poor daily performance.  A secret to decreasing your stress is increasing your self-discipline.  Self-control is your inner guidance telling you to put down the donut, turn off the porn, get out of the mall, turn off the TV, get on the treadmill, read your Bible, get up an hour earlier to avoid rushing and being late to work, shut your mouth and choose your battles wisely, finish your task at hand, hang up your clothes, return that phone call, put down the sweet tea and drink some water, etc.   Learning self-discipline in the little things of life prepares the way for big successes. Those who are undisciplined in small matters will likely be undisciplined in more important issues. In the words of Solomon, it is the little foxes that ruin the vineyards (Song of Sol. 2:15).  When it comes to a person’s integrity and credibility you cannot afford to allow the little foxes of disorder, procrastination and impulsive actions ruin your harvest of prosperity.  Inspiration, motivation, your talents and your education can only take you so far.  It’s your habits that determine your destiny.

DID is a word of achievement

WON’T is a word of rebellion

MIGHT is a word of mediocrity and little discipline

CAN’T is a word of defeat and fear

OUGHT is a word of duty

TRY is a word of little faith

MAYBE is a word of procrastination

WILL is a word of courage

CAN is a word of power and determination

DOING is a word of progress and fulfillment

DONE is a word of success

“So teach us to make the most our time so we may grow in wisdom” Psalm 9O:12

Wednesday Word written by Minister Jewel Diamond Taylor


Conference Speaker, Minister, Author, Work place trainer and Success Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor offers one-on-one coaching by phone to support others in their pursuit of growing personally with their goals (self-esteem, weight loss, overcoming adversity, feeling stuck, overcoming procrastination, building your public speaking career, increasing your faith and confidence, etc.)   To contact Jewel Diamond Taylor, reply to this e-mail or call 323.964.1736 www.DoNotGiveUp.net

Speaker, Author, Minister, Life Coach, Wife and Mother Jewel Diamond Taylor is facilitating a study group for women in the Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, California area.   The next session will be Wednesday, January 20, 6:30 pm If you are interested in attending or receiving updates for future schedules. please send your e-mail to JewelMotivates@gmail.com

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