7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways to Achieve More NOW 1. Think like triage medics.  If you feel battle torn because of so many tasks and demands of your time, think like medics.  Know where you need to stop the bleeding of your time, energy, money and focus.   On the battlefield, medics have to decide where to apply theirContinue reading “7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier”

Guard Your Heart

     Your heart is the home of your emotions, hopes, dreams, faith and memories.   If you let down your guard, you can lose your temper, character, confidence, peace, focus and faith.        So it is very important to guard your heart when you experience a setback, sorrow, delays and disappointments. Sure there are times you mayContinue reading “Guard Your Heart”

How to Stop Being Late

Admit that you need to improve on your punctuality.  Denial and excuses do not build up credibility, leadership or professional  qualities.  You’re creating a reputation for yourself, and it’s not the best reputation to be establishing.  People feel they can’t trust you or rely on you, so it impacts relationships and self-esteem. Change your viewContinue reading “How to Stop Being Late”

Kiss Procrastination Good-bye

     The habit of procrastination is a common and big blockage to your experiencing success, health, peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction.  Procrastination steals your time, health, money, blessings, integrity, opportunities, and sleep. What is your procrastination type?  The thrill seeker  looks forward to the rush he or she gets when facingContinue reading “Kiss Procrastination Good-bye”