Kiss Procrastination Good-bye

     The habit of procrastination is a common and big blockage to your experiencing success, health, peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction.  Procrastination steals your time, health, money, blessings, integrity, opportunities, and sleep.

What is your procrastination type? thief

  • The thrill seeker  looks forward to the rush he or she gets when facing last-minute deadline pressure.
  • Decisional procrastinators – those who simply can’t make a decision; not making a decision relieves this type of procrastinator responsibility for the outcome of events, they rather pass the responsibility to someone else.
  • Perfectionists – all or nothing type personality, suffers from paralysis of analysis, offers excuses instead of executing because they want all circumstances to be perfect which is unrealistic.
  • Fearful – afraid of the unknown, doesn’t want to be embarrassed or have physical/emotional pain (i.e. dentist, taxes, school test), afraid to leave comfort zone, lacks faith, allows past results to give them a doomsday attitude.
  • Dreamer – fantasizes, in denial, believes someone should do the task for them or rescue them, they believe others should serve them because of their status, power, image, age…they feel privileged and above others.  Their head is in the sky and blinds them from the consequences of delay and procrastination.
  • Emotionally challenged – lonely, depressed, grief, apathetic, discouraged, addicted, conflicted, taking care of others first, not feeling worthy of success and happiness
  • Clutter-bug – this personality type is unorganized, can’t find anything, won’t hang up their clothes, tasks and things pile up, they lack planning and good time management discipline.
  • Playful fun type would rather focus on the easy and fun tasks, needs to mature and realize their lack of action will cost them.

How to stop the procrastination habit:

  1. The big picture of losing weight, graduating, getting rid of clutter, writing your book or getting out of debt can seem daunting and impossible.  Break your tasks down into small steps.
  2. Ask for accountability to complete what you start (i.e. coach, mentor, friend,
    by Jewel Diamond Taylor

    etc.)  Single, isolated, prideful and independent people need accountability or they will find quit with excuses and distractions.

  3. Keep a clock, watch, calendar and things to do list in view at all times.
  4. Stop worrying about perfection.  Seek progress not perfection.
  5. Don’t lie to yourself and fool yourself.  Take responsibility for the quality and progress in your life.
  6. Remember the con$sequences if you continue to avoid tasks. Remember the rewards you will experience if you do take action.
  7. Eliminate distractions (i.e. TV, games, phone, food, music, etc.)
  8. Spend more time with achievers,leaders, readers and people who believe that with faith and action anything is possible for those who trust in the Lord.  (imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. ~ Hebrews 6:11-12)

Did you know Jewel Diamond Taylor could be your Success Coach and help you break the procrastination habit?  Would you like to accomplish more and experience progress and success?  To set an appointment for your coaching session call 323.964.1736 or e-mail

click here to see video message about procrastination

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