7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways to Achieve More NOW

1. Think like triage medics.  If you feel battle torn because of so many tasks and demands of your time, think like medics.  Know where you need to stop the bleeding of your time, energy, money and focus.   On the battlefield, medics have to decide where to apply their limited resources.  They can’t help everyone.  The definition of triage is the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors.  Some patients will survive and some will not.  Triage means ignoring these two groups and focusing on those that will only survive with medical care.  You must know which things you can safely ignore and which things demand your attention.  What may seem urgent to others putting a demand on your time, may not be a priority to you.  Learn to say “no” to the unimportant tasks, so you can say “yes” to the important tasks and actually get them done.

2. Prioritize what is urgent, critical, important, time sensitive and what things you can delegate.

3. Learn how to say “no” to requests of your time that distract you from your priorities. Cure yourself from the dis-ease to please others.  Value your time and priorities.

4.  Keep a watch, clock, calendar and things-to-do-list visible.  I use a cool on-line tool as my visual bulletin board for my things to do list and for my vision/dreams/goal board.  I am a visual person.  Knowing this about myself, I learned to have visual aids around me to keep me focused on my priorities.  If your goals and tasks are out of the sight, they are out of your mind.  The web site is www.popplet.com

5.  If you know you have the habit of falling into the trap of doubt, procrastination, feeling unworthy, clutter, isolation or too much TV or socializingask for an accountability partner.   As a life coach to my clients, I offer accountability and steps so my clients can experience progress, results and satisfaction.  Many people do not lose the weight, finish their book, overcome depression, de-clutter their lives, graduate or fulfill their dreams and goals because they are not accountable to anyone.   Too many people leave things undone because of isolation, excuses, fear, lack of planning and a long list of things to do which causes frustration.  Who are you accountable to so you can stay on track with your goals and realize the fulfillment of your potential?

6. Listen to your body.  Get in your zone.  I know that I am a morning person.  This is when I am operating at my optimum energy level.  As much as possible I schedule important tasks when I’m in my energy zone to get more done.  I can’t control or predict all requests of my time.  But when I can … I know that it is counterproductive to commit to tasks when my energy is low.   Health is your first wealth.  Be more consistent in eating healthy, drinking water, some form of exercise, good rest and spiritual renewal to maintain your energy.

7.  Acknowledge you can’t do it all. The idea that you will eventually get caught up is a myth. It’s impossible. You have more work than you can reasonably expect to get done. You have to make peace with the fact that you must leave some things undone-for the sake of your own sanity. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

3 responses to “7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier”

  1. How much are your counseking sessions? I enjoy reading your articles. I have been a follower for over 2 years now. Thanks

  2. I am truly inspired by you sister Jewel. You truly are a diamond. I reside in the Washington, DC area and have been following you for years. It was you who helped me decide that I needed to seek counseling to help me thru some rough times. Your words of wisdom has given me a different perspective on life.. My only regret is that I never had the chance to meet you when you came to this area.. But GOD willing this is on my bucket list. I faithfully look forward to Monday and Wednesday motivations to help me thru life challenges. I thank GOD for you and the work he inspires you to do. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. thank you so much and may you continue to be a tool for GOD’s PURPOSE. With you and my wonderful therapist I can see light shinning on my spirit..
    Sister Marsha Terrell

  3. JEWEL ” DIAMOND ” TAYLOR A diamond you are thank you so much for loving everyone and being such a strong presense in the lives of many I remeber my sister gave me a copy of a lovely book when I was 19 and you still resonate with in my soul all could ever remeber was life in the diamond lane thank you jewel I am now 47 what an impact much love Lisa Palma

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