Your Dream is Possible

My popular motivational book is “Shift Happens: The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing…The MAIN THING!” Tyler Perry shares a great message on a video about the power of focus. When you remain focused on the “main thing” …you increase your chances for success. Many times people tried to get me off track toContinue reading “Your Dream is Possible”

Success Solutions

“You and I could blame other people all day for our failures, hurts and setbacks.  We only grow when we examine ourselves and realize we often sabotage and block our own blessings and success.  We procrastinate for many reasons; self-doubt, boredom, fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of discipline and focus, being unprepared, feeling unworthy, pride, andContinue reading “Success Solutions”

8 Great Ways to Reduce Stress and Be More Productive

1. Delegate– You will experience increased efficiency and better distribution of workload in order to focus on priorities.  Let go of any pride, a need to control or lack of confidence in others to complete a task.  Don’t dump on others. Use delegation to help team members grow and expand their skills  If you areContinue reading “8 Great Ways to Reduce Stress and Be More Productive”

Who helps you climb your ladder of success?

As you climb your ladder (i.e. ladder of success, healing, promotion, business, college graduation, ministry, marriage, new home, etc.) to go from where you are now, the people around you make a critical difference. Some people will crowd the bottom of your ladder blocking you from climbing with their jealousy, demands, fear, insecurities, doubts, condemnation andContinue reading “Who helps you climb your ladder of success?”