Who helps you climb your ladder of success?

ladder of success

As you climb your ladder (i.e. ladder of success, healing, promotion, business, college graduation, ministry, marriage, new home, etc.) to go from where you are now, the people around you make a critical difference.

Some people will crowd the bottom of your ladder blocking you from climbing with their jealousy, demands, fear, insecurities, doubts, condemnation and anger.

Some people just don’t get you.  They want you to stay the same.  They don’t want you to grow or be elevated.

Some people aren’t strong enough to hold your ladder.  They may lack character, loyalty, vision, faith, work ethic, commitment, experience, education or skills.

I have seen in my life how association determines destination.  The people who get your time and energy have influence in your life… negative or positive, helpful or harmful, encouraging or discouraging, push you up or pull you down, lift you or lean on you…support you or sabotage you.

Pray that God would yoke and align you with the right people.  Pray for courage and discernment to let go of those who hinder your climb.  Some people come into your life for a reason and some for a season.

Three good books about leadership are written by Dr. Samuel Chand. The titles are;

“Who is Holding Your Ladder?”

“Who Moved Your Ladder?”

“Who is Shaking Your Ladder?”

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