9 Ways People Cope with Problems

      “I would bet you are like me.  You’ve had your share of problems, disappointments, losses, heartaches, regrets and mistakes.  Maybe you have tried to cope with your personal pain by pretending it doesn’t hurt or you put up an emotional wall keeping people and solutions out.  Maybe you sought comfort and reliefContinue reading “9 Ways People Cope with Problems”

ABC’s for Success

ABC’s for Success A ppreciate and value your life and dreams.  Life is too short to waste on complaining, procrastination or a pity party. Take consistent steps to create a life of purpose, meaning, success, peace, faith and inner strength to withstand the challenges in life. B elieve in yourself.  Distance yourself from those who belittleContinue reading “ABC’s for Success”

Success Navigation – Roads to Success

   Life can be a journey or a “trip” — Are you going to be a whiner or a winner in life?  An African proverb teaches that “it rains on everyone’s roof.”     Faith and fear are both expecting something to happen. Faith expects something good to happen. Fear expects something bad to happen.  Fear isContinue reading “Success Navigation – Roads to Success”