9 Ways People Cope with Problems

      “I would bet you are like me.  You’ve had your share of problems, disappointments, losses, heartaches, regrets and mistakes.  Maybe you have tried to cope with your personal pain by pretending it doesn’t hurt or you put up an emotional wall keeping people and solutions out.  Maybe you sought comfort and relief with food, sex, sleep, shopping, busyness, isolation, alcohol, drugs or hurting others.  Maybe you ignored the guidance of God, family and friends.

Sadly, I realize those were some of the emotional paths I took.  In the past, my inability to cope or my lack of faith led to depression, overspending, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, being so serious and emotionally fragile that I couldn’t laugh, relax, let go or take the hits.

Oh but thank God for mercy, grace and patience.  I learned to let go, trust God more, listen more and not be so hard on myself.  I learned how to discipline my appetites, flesh, feelings and faulty thinking.  No, wait a minute, let me say…
I continue to learn how to discipline myself.  It is an on-going process to mature in my faith and in my human imperfections.

If we do not grow emotionally and spiritually to cope with the twists and turns of life, we become prone to sickness, anger, depression, addiction, broken relationships, a low self-esteem and repeat the same mistakes.

If you and I are too sensitive to receive feedback and support from others, we lose.  If you and I quit every time a job, task or relationship gets difficult, we lose credibility, blessings,opportunities, success and self-esteem.  If you and I are not teachable and constantly compare ourselves to others, it is a sign that our self-worth and self-esteem are low. If we think we should be able to control and fix everyone and every situation, we are living with an illusion.  If we cannot listen to the whispers of God guiding us the right way…then we will suffer as life begins to scream and yell, “You fool…you are not listening to wisdom.”

Every day I challenge myself to stop, look and listen.  Today I challenge you with tenderness mixed with toughness to grow emotionally and spiritually.  When you are faced with a problem or at a crossroad will you…

. Make excuses

. Make mistakes

. Make and keep commitments

. Be mad

. Be miserable, depressed and act like a victim

. Seek wisdom and wise counsel

. Take responsibility for your choices

. Be motivated to take positive steps

. Love God, listen to God, let go and trust God

The wisdom of God, personified as a woman, teaches us that the knowledge of God is readily available to us in Proverbs 1:20-26

     We don’t have to stay stuck in our foolishness, pain or past.  Read Proverbs 4:5-7   Get wisdom and understanding.”

ABC’s for Success

ABC’s for Success

A ppreciate and value your life and dreams.  Life is too short to waste on complaining, procrastination or a pity party. Take consistent steps to create a life of purpose, meaning, success, peace, faith and inner strength to withstand the challenges in life.

B elieve in yourself.  Distance yourself from those who belittle and discourage you. Control that inner critic.   Putting yourself down damages your self-esteem.  Change the voice of your inner critic.  Perfectionism and self-criticism are sabotaging and non-productive.   Don’t be too hard on yourself… yet continue to push yourself towards the next level of improvement.  Sometimes you may not “feel” like doing what you should do; i.e. balance your budget, exercise, school work, build your business, get over the blues or fight the battle of the bulge.  Feelings of apathy, indifference, denial, procrastination, fear and doubt do not serve you well. Stand up and speak up when you feel someone is riding your back, abusing or disrespecting you, judging you, stabbing you in the back or simply doesn’t have your back.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you instead of people who belittle you.  Strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.  There is a difference between being cocky and prideful and having confidence.

C onsider things from every angle.  You have blind spots that can prevent you from seeing possibilities and solutions.  When you are faced with a decision or problem don’t think small and don’t get stuck with a limited perspective.  Practice creative thinking, communicate with others, be flexible, tap into your intuition, imagination and instincts. You can learn to see new ways of solving problems, creating solutions and resolving conflict.

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Success Navigation – Roads to Success


Life can be a journey or a “trip” — Are you going to be a whiner or a winner in life?  An African proverb teaches that “it rains on everyone’s roof.”

    Faith and fear are both expecting something to happen. Faith expects something good to happen. Fear expects something bad to happen.  Fear is exhausting.  Faith is liberating.  If you can change how you think, you can change how you feel.  When you change how you feel — you change how you act.

book cover

When “shift” happens in your life you can either choose to feel bitter, helpless, resentful, angry and afraid.   Or you can choose to yield to the circumstances out of your control and gain wisdom, compassion, spiritual insights and future coping skills.  It’s not always the shift situation that causes unhappiness.  It’s your thoughts about it.  When the bad feelings come, you don’t have to chase, push, fight, flee, cave in or suppress them.  Let them come in and go out like a swinging door.  The feeling will pass.  Or you can become frozen with fear, anger and worry.  Faith helps you to navigate your way out of a dark place into a place of light to see what steps you need to take to see and believe in your possibilities are for a better tomorrow.

The flow of traffic is better when you are in the “diamond lane”.  You cannot drive in the lane if you are driving alone.  You must have one or more persons traveling with you to reach your destination faster and to avoid slow traffic.

As your “Success Navigator” I can accompany you to avoid slow progress and improve your achievement rate of reaching your goal/destination faster.

You can pass those who are isolated and traveling the road of life alone without any guidance, coaching or support.

Your associations determine your destination.  Who is traveling with you on the road of life?  Who gets your time, energy and support?  If you want to go and grow to another level, check your passengers.  Put good fuel in your tank (body).  Check your tires often to avoid blowouts and burnouts.  Keep your windshield (vision) clear.  Follow your map.  Don’t get off your road to success and take the next nearest exit because you feel discouraged, tempted or distracted.  The main thing is to KEEP the main thing…THE MAIN THING.
~quote from the book “Shift Happens” by Jewel Diamond Taylor

There won’t be all green lights on your road to success.  Learn to be flexible, patient, focused, determined and enjoy the journey.  If you are teachable, you can avoid many u-turns and dead-ends when you invite the right passengers to join you along the way.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor ` www.TheSuccessNavigator.com

 Your brain is programmed to resist change.  But with your small steps of courage and faith, you can learn to adapt and discover new possibilities.  I offer you my books and CDs to help you train your brain

CDto navigate through the maze of fear, negative/small thinking, low self-esteem, doubt and pain.  Yes, shift happens, but you find new pathways of success and blessings.  This message is an excerpt from my book “Shift Happens: The Main Thing is to KEEP the Main Thing…The Main Thing.”


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