No More Toxic “Straw People”

Straw people aren’t good for your life… They suck out of all your energy and faith. They take a lot out of you and drain you of your joy and enthusiasm.  They are “high maintenance.” I’m sure you have experienced the negative effect when a straw person is on the phone with you or walksContinue reading “No More Toxic “Straw People””

Thinking out loud – Gratitude

I felt God blessing me this morning.  I’m grateful.  I hear the birds outside my window singing.  I’m breathing.  I’m alive. I’m still here.  What was bothering me yesterday has disappeared.  I’m listening God.  What is my assignment today?  What should I write?  Who should I call?  Who should I help today?  I’m available.  I wantContinue reading “Thinking out loud – Gratitude”

Resist Apathy – Read the Promises of God

   Feeling empty inside, feeling powerless and stuck,  no passion for life, no  direction, spiritually empty, feeling ordinary, feeling alone and no relief from the relentless demands from family, financial stress and unexpected setbacks?  These emotional states are dangerous signs indicating you need help, resiliency, relief, restorative prayer, purpose and hope. When life is not movingContinue reading “Resist Apathy – Read the Promises of God”

F.A.I.T.H. – Change the channel

  It is fruitless to blame, wait or just hope change will happen in your life.   You will either make positive changes in your life from pain or pleasure. Change yourself becauselife does not come with a remote control. Change is a process.  Change the channel in your mind from “poor me” to “I can doContinue reading “F.A.I.T.H. – Change the channel”

Top 10 Leadership Secrets Learned from Being a Mother

Many of the successful strategies I have learned, applied and shared in my leadership seminars are lessons I learned from being a mother. 1.   God blessed me and my husband with two wonderful sons.  My sons are extremely different in their personalities.  I had to learn as a parent how to communicate and motivateContinue reading “Top 10 Leadership Secrets Learned from Being a Mother”

When God is Silent

“Do you remember taking tests in school and/or college?  Do you remember how quiet the room was?  Do you remember how the teacher would seat quietly at his/her desk saying nothing!  Did your teacher ever walk around the room looking over the shoulders of the students to see how they were doing?  Do you remember sitting in your seat staringContinue reading “When God is Silent”

Depression: 12 Ways to Heal

I’m personally familiar with the emotional cloud of depression.  It has been triggered by: . grief (losing my parents and other loved ones) . menopause hormonal changes . being self-employed brings it’s own set of financial challenges in this recession climate .working through personal struggles, ups and downs that marriage and parenting brings, . regretsContinue reading “Depression: 12 Ways to Heal”