No More Toxic “Straw People”

Straw people aren’t good for your life…
They suck out of all your energy and faith. They take a lot out of you and drain you of your joy and enthusiasm.  They are “high maintenance.”

I’m sure you have experienced the negative effect when a straw person is on the phone with you or walks into the room.  They suck out all the air.  They leave you feeling empty, tense, guarded, bad, defeated, doubtful and sometimes even sick.  Straw people can be in your family or you work with them.  Learn how to love them from a distance.  Honor your boundaries to keep out any disrespect, abuse or manipulation.

Recognize when you are surrounded by straw people so you can adapt or take action to maintain your peace, faith, joy and enthusiasm.  Never give someone the power to steal your joy or speak negativity and limitation into your life.  Don’t allow anyone to take your kindness for weakness.

There is a time to be quiet and there is a time to speak up.  There is a time to endure and there is a time to draw the line.  Train people how to treat you by not allowing them to suck out all of your joy, peace, time, bank account, faith, confidence, success or self-esteem.

Make the effort to cultivate relationships which add to your life instead of taking away.  On  my CD I share the major types of “straw people” to avoid.  As you learn to discern who the straw types are in your life…

. you can begin to increase your experiences of peace, success, confidence, self-esteem, joy and faith.

. work, love, communicate and cope with difficult people

. or let go of the people who are toxic

This article is an excerpt from the motivational CD “How to Let Go of the Straw People” by the The Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor.

get your copy of this powerful CD, or call 323.964.1736 or e-mail

Thinking out loud – Gratitude

I felt God blessing me this morning.  I’m grateful.  I hear the birds outside my window singing.  I’m breathing.  I’m alive. I’m still here.  What was bothering me yesterday has disappeared.  I’m listening God.  What is my assignment today?  What should I write?  Who should I call?  Who should I help today?  I’m available.  I want to pass any test of my patience, faith and courage.   I’m taking back my joy.  I’m letting go of the worries.  I trust you God.  You are awesome.  I surrender all.  I am blessed in spite of my stress and challenges.  I see clearly that today is what matters.  I’m alive.  I’m grateful.  I’m breathing.  I’m still here.  I love you.  Thank you for being a shield for me and my family.  Thank for you for your mercy, guidance, protection, provision, peace and the wonderful people in my life called family, friends, clients and customers. Bless those seeking your loving kindness.  Bless the hurting, homeless, hugless and hungry people.
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