No More Toxic “Straw People”

Straw people aren’t good for your life… They suck out of all your energy and faith. They take a lot out of you and drain you of your joy and enthusiasm.  They are “high maintenance.” I’m sure you have experienced the negative effect when a straw person is on the phone with you or walksContinue reading “No More Toxic “Straw People””

Thinking out loud – Gratitude

I felt God blessing me this morning.  I’m grateful.  I hear the birds outside my window singing.  I’m breathing.  I’m alive. I’m still here.  What was bothering me yesterday has disappeared.  I’m listening God.  What is my assignment today?  What should I write?  Who should I call?  Who should I help today?  I’m available.  I wantContinue reading “Thinking out loud – Gratitude”