Depression…It’s A Set Up!

Depression, disappointments, and addictions are a set up to make you give up. If the enemy can find ways to distract you, fill your head with doubt, cause you to focus on your disappointments, defer your goals, discourage your hopes and dreams, diminish your purpose/gifts, divide your family with drama, destroy your faith and damage your self-esteem… then you will never fulfill the promise of the abundant life and purpose God has for you. Instead you will fall into the trap of depression, unable to speak to your dry bones in your valley of despair and miss your mark of a higher calling.

People run away from life’s hurts and troubles and escape right into bed, addiction, overeating, denial, depression, blame, and shame. Instead of being empowered to rise above their circumstances, so many people find escape in sports, the mall, casinos, bars, or helping others. I want to inspire people to stop running…feel it… deal with it and heal it.

A lack of motivation, hope, purpose, and confusion leads to depression. A depressed person feels anxious, numb. defeated, and uncertain as to what the future holds and how they can fit into the future world. This state of hopelessness can distort their thinking and undermines their sense of identity and blocks their clear vision of how to navigate through a fog of change, loss, pain or regrets. Depression is a self-absorption that makes one feel like a victim. (Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I get what I want? Why can’t he/she love me? How will I ever get out of this hole of debt, grief, loneliness, etc? Why do I get treated so badly? )

Why play the victim game? Jesus already died on the cross. Climb down off your cross of guilt, anger, rejection and shame. Get busy living.

Deliverance from difficulties usually comes after darkness. In order to get from what was… to what will be, you have to go through what is.

People usually make radical and positive changes in their life either because of desperation or inspiration. Why not choose to improve from inspiration rather than waiting until you are desperate?

Few people ever really live their life truthfully because of the fear of rejection and failure. People want economic success, approval from family, friends and society. Unfortunately, so many people live a lie and a life of limitation.

Once you are sick and tired of the pretense, procrastination, phony role playing, people-pleasing and pressures from society, you can begin to live life free of fear and full of faith, gratitude, adventure and truth.

Don’t let the lies get in your head to depress you. It’s a set up to shut you down and hide in your cave. Shake it off. Count your blessings. When you are looking down and depressed, you’re focusing on yourself. When you lift up your head with praise and thanksgiving, you are focusing on the goodness and sovereign power of God’s mercy and grace. Life is worth living and you have a bright future of possibilities before you. God is on your side. (This is an excerpt from Minister Jewel Diamond Taylor aka “The Self-esteem Dr.’s CD “Get Your Life Back” )

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One response to “Depression…It’s A Set Up!”

  1. Jewel as always, you hit the “nail” on the head! I am blessed!

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