5 Ways to Get Things Done!

1. Be honest with yourself. Overcome denial. Admit you could use some help and accountability. Welcome the support of others i.e. friend, tutor, mentor, prayer partner, co-worker, success coach, support group, rehab sponsor, etc.

2.Break down your task or project into small steps. Start by focusing on that first small step. When you are done move on to the next and just focus on that one. The small successes will keep your motivation up and keeping your focus away from the big picture which can stop you from becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you follow this simple method.

3. Get close to people on fire (i.e. people who are taking action and living their best life overcoming procrastination or fear). When a stove is on, the closer you get the stove, more you feel the heat and see something cooking. The further you walk away from the stove, you become colder. If you want to start something “cookin’” in your life, get close to people already on fire and away from cold, stuck, unmotivated and critical people.

4. Stop right now and think of a task/goal that you are procrastinating on. Now think of the rewards and benefits if you finish it or think of the consequences and costs you will face if you don’t finish. Now which one of these will cause you to get moving…consequences or rewards? People are either motivated by pain or pleasure…which one are you?

5. Notice your sabotaging inner-talk. Change your thinking and words to be more affirming, positive and productive. Here is a suggested link with 12 powerful prayer/affirmation cards to read daily.

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