Parent’s Prayer

“Father God I join the prayers of Mothers and Fathers seeking your guidance, mercy and grace on behalf of their children who may be sick, lost in addiction, unemployed, hurting, uneemployed, at war, in prison, in college or just simply stressed with the challenges of life.  I pray for their peace of mind to be able to sleep and let go of worry.  I pray for those who have guilt, fear or shame because of their children’s choices or their own past choices.
Show us when to correct and when to praise.  Make us gentle and considerate yet firm and watchful.  Keep us from weak indulgence, or from great severity.
Give us the courage to be disliked sometimes by our children, when we must do necessary things which are displeasing to their eyes. Give us the imagination to enter into their world in order to understand and guide them. Give us all the virtues we need to lead them by word and example in the path of righteousness. Father God we are limited in what we can do when our children suffer or make choices against our will. When circumstances require forgiveness, communication or boundaries, give us the courage and heart to do and say what is best for the all concerned.
You have all power and we trust you to bless and guide them.  As parents we clearly have responsibility to do and be the best we can before them. Help us as parents to practice love, wisdom, self-control and courage.  Help us as parents to know when it is time launch them from home, to let go of their rebellious ways or their stressful issues. Teach us to guide with wisdom, to love with tenderness and be good role models of your goodness, salvation and glory. Our children are living in very challenging times and we trust YOU, our Father, to provide and guide them through their valleys. May they grow to seek Your wisdom, Your way and Your will. AMEN”by the Self-esteem Dr., Jewel Diamond Taylor, Inspirational Speaker, Minister and Author
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