40 Ideas to Help Others

1.       Plant a tree to help the planet.
2.       Rescue a pet.
3.       Volunteer as a teacher’s assistant.
4.       Donate sturdy shoes, thick socks and winter coats.
5.       Give warm biscuits to people living on the street.
6.       Start a food drive with your family and friends.
7.       Donate blood, plasma, and/or platelets.
8.       Join or create a support group.
9.       Console someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.
10.     Help someone find a job.
11.     Help clean or cover-up graffiti.
12.     Volunteer as Santa or an elf.
13.     Read books to children at your local library or bookstore.
14.     Bring your pet to visit the elderly or disabled.
15.     Donate books to the library.
16.     Contact a homeless shelter to see what assistance you can provide.
17.     Volunteer to comfort sick people in the hospital.
giving back

18.   Smile and speak to people you don’t know.
19.   Forgive someone you’ve held a grudge against.
20.   “Adopt” a senior citizen to visit at a nursing home.
21.   Say “I love you” more often.
22.   Use canvas grocery bags instead of paper or plastic.

23.   Offer to babysit for friends so they can enjoy a break.

24.   Be kind to someone who makes kindness difficult.
25.   Help a senior citizen with household chores and errands.
26.   Recycle.
27.   Send E-Cards to friends just because.
28.   Bake homemade cookies for local volunteers or service workers.
29.   Sign up to be an organ donor.
30.   Switch to natural cleaning products.
31.   Teach love and respect to your children by example.
32.   Use a water canteen instead of purchasing bottled water.
33.   Send Get Well balloons to a children’s hospital.
34.   Acknowledge and respect the homeless, even if you have no money to give.
35.   Be a sounding board for someone who needs to vent.
36.   Send a letter or care package to a soldier.
37.   Help an illiterate adult learn to read.
38.   Hug as many people as you can each day.
39.   Write a Thank You card to someone who touched your life in some way.
40.   Encourage young people to help out in their community instead.

2 responses to “40 Ideas to Help Others”

  1. I would like to ‘link’ to this for my church’s email. Great ideas to include with our own outreach efforts in the community. Thank you!!!

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