Prayer for a Job

Praying for A Job Reading this daily prayer has transformational power to increase your faith and change your mind from fear to hope, peace and gratitude. God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as  I look for employment. I am excited about using the gifts and talents You haveContinue reading “Prayer for a Job”

The Impossible Happens

Got changes, shifting and stress?  Assess your stress …. Is this a time of testing your faith and commitment? Is this a time to stand on your faith or step out on your faith? Is this a life lesson to be learned?  Is this a time to adapt and accept? Is this a time to take action?  Is this a time to learnContinue reading “The Impossible Happens”

Heal Your Depression

In my family, circle of friends and women that I counsel/coach…I hear a cry in the land. I hear the words, “I’m tired…Does it really matter if I live?… My money is spent, my get up and go has got up and went….I’m lonely…. I can’t believe I opened my heart to someone only toContinue reading “Heal Your Depression”

Stop Assuming

     You are a creature of habit.  Since the day you were born, your mind began to accumulate memories and agree with others beliefs, opinions and a system of reward or punishment in the hopes of being secure, loved, accepted and approved.     In order to have less pain and rejection, you made manyContinue reading “Stop Assuming”

Heal Your Heart Prescriptions

    “You become emotionally intelligent and spiritually peaceful when you are able to heal your heart from any disappointments.      The reason many people suffer from rejection and disappointments is because they invested so much in their goals, hopes, plans and/or in other people.  Disappointments happen.  Guard your heart from being sick, broken or deceived.Continue reading “Heal Your Heart Prescriptions”

One step at a time – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Are you climbing a mountain to overcome debt, family drama, health/weight issues, building your business/ministry or seeking a job?  Are you climbing a mountain of success to; make more money, save your marriage, finish college, save your home, achieve your dream, build your business/ministry or taking steps to break an addiction, temper or depression? GodContinue reading “One step at a time – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Who’s driving you crazy?

A great source of stress comes from attempting every exhausting way to get those you love or those you have to work with to understand you. You may be struggling to improve communication or gain respect and understanding. You may feel like your relationship or job is emotionally draining and taking all of your joy,Continue reading “Who’s driving you crazy?”