How to Attract Success…The law of…

I want to share with you a great success principle that will attract into your life prosperity, peace and possibilities.  It is the Law of DeCluttering.

Go outside and dig a hole in your back yard. Once that hole is dug…what will happen over the next couple of days? Nature will begin to fill it in. Grass, weeds, and flowers may grow in and the rain will push more dirt into the hole. Eventually, the hole will be completely filled over time.

The only way anything new will ever come into your life is by creating a space for it. Think about all the times throughout your life when something new came—A new relationship, more money, furniture, or a new house. Now, think of the space available that attracted those new things. Create a space in your life to attract what you want.

Clear and create the space in your life for new beginnings, power, possibilities, peace and prosperity.  What old stuff, old toxic relationships, old beliefs, old habits, old broken dishes, old clothes, old junk, old stress or mess are you holding on to?  Use the law of decluttering, coupled with appreciation, vision, faith, sowing/giving and action to receive more abundance easily. We all have areas in our lives that need some attention, accountability and action.  What is blocking your progress?  What needs to be thrown away, sorted out and cleaned up?

As a Life Coach/Counselor, I offer accountability and insights to my clients to assist them de-clutter their thoughts, feelings and goals.  No judgment here!  I talk, listen, share and teach others how to move forward with their dreams, goals, emotional and spiritual healing and pursuit of purpose.

Personally I have seen the law of decluttering in my life when I clean out my closet, it fills right back up.  I clean out my garage and soon it is filled back up with more storage.

As a society we have excess, storage, bags, boxes and for me shoes just taking up space.  We stack up, save up and store up goods and then pay someone to keep them for us in storage garages.

The consequences of disorder costs us in time, money, opportunities and peace of mind.  The reward and benefits of living and working in a serene, clean and orderly environment are infinite.

All things should be done decent and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40

I have seen how the law of decluttering and sowing into other people’s lives creates a space for more money, more peace, more clarity, more productivity, more insights, more blessings and more joy.  The only way anything new will ever come into your life is by creating a space for it.  What are you willing to let go of?  Will you clean out your garage for that new car before you get the car?  Will you clean out your heart of bitterness, ego and fear to make room for new love?  Will you clean out your phone book of dead-end relationships to make room for people who can enrich your life?  Are you ready to clear out your mind the feelings of shame, lack and procrastination to make room for your blessings?  Read more about the Law of Decluttering in my e-book “DeClutter Your Life; How to Attract Prosperity, Peace and Possibilities”.  Click here for your copy to download and read often.

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