Who’s driving you crazy?

A great source of stress comes from attempting every exhausting way to get those you love or those you have to work with to understand you. You may be struggling to improve communication or gain respect and understanding.

You may feel like your relationship or job is emotionally draining and taking all of your joy, peace, time and sanity.

You may be burned out from dealing with drama, deceit, dysfunction, or difficult people. The daily grind of figuring out what to say, how to say it and when to say it could be driving you crazy.

You may feel like; you are not being heard, they don’t follow your logic, you’re running into dead ends and they just don’t get it!

No one wins when you implode, explode, attack, blame, shut down, retaliate, whine, complain or begin to manipulate others. What you avoid or what you allow to anger you…controls you. OK…so now there is an old school song in my head…Stop in the name of love (Diana Ross and the Supremes). That’s right…STOP in the name of love.

STOP in the name of peace and well-being. STOP in the name of REALITY. The reality is people are different. Life can be messy, miraculous, mysterious, uncertain, unfair, beautiful, wonderful, crazy and painful.

Remember the main causes of your stress when you are exhausted from dealing with crazy and difficult family, friends, customers, and co-workers. These five things are most likely the source of your stress and unhappiness.

1. Your fantasies, denial and expectations collide with reality and you can’t make peace with reality.

2. You want somebody or something to change. You feel responsible to fix, change, protect or rescue.

3. You have allowed others to be like a vacuum cleaner and suck you into their “stuff”. You feel like a victim in a vacuum and you don’t know how to get out.

4. Unable to cope well, you now experience apathy, depression, health issues, quick fix temptations, let’s make a deal approach and lack energy and faith to explore your options.

5. You lack support, courage, faith, coping/communication skills or awareness to comprehend, mend, bend, blend, transcend or end the relationship.

STOP in the name of love and schedule your one-on-one life coaching/counseling session with me soon! e-mail JewelMotivates@gmail.com or call 323.964.1736.

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