Heal Your Heart Prescriptions

    “You become emotionally intelligent and spiritually peaceful when you are able to heal your heart from any disappointments. 
    The reason many people suffer from rejection and disappointments is because they invested so much in their goals, hopes, plans and/or in other people.  Disappointments happen.  Guard your heart from being sick, broken or deceived.    I thought about many of the sayings relating to the condition of our heart (emotions); We have an aching heart…we lose heart…we have a heavy heart…we open our heart to someone… our heart is not in it…our heart is set on something to happen…we have a change of heart … someone is after our own heart…we have a bleeding heart…we break someone`s heart … someone breaks our heart… people die of a broken heart…as a man thinketh with his heart, so is he. 
     Expectations are high when one invests heavily with their emotions, time, faith, money and trust in their dream, marriage, children, friends, career, business, ministry, etc. The fall is hard when one is so attached to expectations not fulfilled.  Change, rejection, betrayal, divorce, disrespectful or wayward children, broken promises, layoffs, promotions denied, or auditions/contracts/proposals denied are painful to accept after your emotional investment.
      If one is not careful… bitterness, depression, desperation, a closed and hard heart will develop.
      Today I echo the warning of Solomon, “Guard your heart”.  Become a better master of your emotions by learning to love smart.  Develop your self-confidence and your faith in God so you can be resilient and keep moving forward.  Think twice before you open up your heart.  Think twice before you speak. Think twice before you give up.  Think twice before you go into rage, lust, depression, fear or a sense of low self-worth.   Your heart is not just a physical organ but it is the place of your emotions, hopes and desires.  Could this be why Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs 4:23 warns us to guard our heart?  Even though biblical history records him as wise, wealthy and powerful, Solomon also had many falls and faults because of his mismanaged emotions.  Many people are wise yet continue to make poor choices because they lack emotional intelligence.  To experience better relationships, inner peace, better health, God’s blessings and success, I believe emotional intelligence is one of the major key factors. Guard your heart from the tests of your faith, tribulations, tricks, traps and temptations than can cause you to stumble.”    read more in my e-book “Love Smart with Your Heart”   by Jewel Diamond Taylor, Conference Keynote Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Minister and Emotional Intelligence Workshop Trainer – click here to purchase your copy e-book “Love Smart With Your Heart”
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