The Impossible Happens

Got changes, shifting and stress?  Assess your stress ….

Is this a time of testing your faith and commitment?

Is this a time to stand on your faith or step out on your faith?

Is this a life lesson to be learned?  Is this a time to adapt and accept?

Is this a time to take action?  Is this a time to learn how to avoid this from happening again?

Is this a time to speak up or time to say, “Peace, be still.”?

You can either say you are “going” through something, or you can say you are “growing” through something.   Don’t say…” I’ve arrived.  I’m finished.  I’ve nothing left to accomplish or It’s too late for me. That’s just the way I am!  My life is ruined, what’s the use? I can’t seem to ever win.”

You can always grow, create, evolve, change, let go, forgive, plan, dream and begin again. Possibilities for success, breakthroughs and new beginnings are all around you.   Blessings and breakthroughs are happening everyday for many people who didn’t give up. Don’t allow your grief, loss, difficulties or past mistakes stop you from believing in God or believing in your dreams.  Don’t allow your pain to stop you from singing your songs of hope, faith, joy and love.

I was watching the Cinderella movie the other day featuring Brandy as Cinderella and beautiful Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother.  Whitney sang, “Impossible things are happening every day.”  That inspired me to remember all the things God has brought me through when I thought it was impossible or too difficult.  It reminded me not to lean on my own limited understanding.  God Brandy and Whitneyis so much bigger than our circumstances.  Anything is possible with faith and action!  Stress could be an invitation to do something different, think differently, believe differently, love differently, live differently, pray differently, work differently, communicate differently, dream and believe differently, serve differently, lead differently, parent differently, spend differently, cope with stress differently, etc.

Life invites us or challenges us to get outside of our box that has become either too familiar, too comfortable or too confining. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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