5 Types of Female Entrepreneurs

Michele DeKinder-Smith is the founder and CEO of Linkage Research, Inc, a marketing research firm with Fortune 500 clients such as Starbucks, Frito Lay, Tropicana, Texas Instruments, Hoover Vacuums and Verizon Wireless.  She is an author of See Jane Succeed:  Five Types of Entrepreneurial Women Reveal What it Takes to Win in Business and in LifeContinue reading “5 Types of Female Entrepreneurs”

Healing Relationship Rejection

As the Self-esteem Dr. I counsel with so many women with depression.  I hear so often “it’s hard being a single woman.”  These women are doing what R&B singer Brandy sings about in one of her songs…“Sitting up here in my room waiting for you to invest in my happiness.  I must confess I’m justContinue reading “Healing Relationship Rejection”

How to Attract Success…The law of…

I want to share with you a great success principle that will attract into your life prosperity, peace and possibilities.  It is the Law of DeCluttering. Go outside and dig a hole in your back yard. Once that hole is dug…what will happen over the next couple of days? Nature will begin to fill itContinue reading “How to Attract Success…The law of…”

5 Important Relationship Life Lessons

As a Life Coach for women I have seen a pattern of common wounds because of distractions, dependencies, denial, deception,  drama, family dysfunction, and a lack of emotional boundaries and distorted beliefs. I’m passionate and concerned about women being empowered to improve their relationships I.Q. because I was vulnerable, naive, desperate and unprepared to beContinue reading “5 Important Relationship Life Lessons”