Parent’s Confessions

I took my children to school but not to church.  

I taught them to drink but not the living water.  

My child heard me begging God for things but never heard me praising Him.

My child saw me working hard but I always said I was too tired to spend time with them.

My child heard me telling lies to my supervisor about being absent from work and I scolded and punished them when they lied to me.

My child has seen me driving recklessly.  Now I worry about them speeding and driving while under the influence.

My child saw me angry, drinking, smoking weed, selling drugs and/or my body for money.   My child has heard me cursing at their Mother/Father.  My child saw violence in our home.  Now I’m  stressed.  I worry, judge and frown upon their disrespect and reckless ways.

My child saw me as a passive door mat in my marriage.  Now I see … click here to finish reading this prayer

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