Do you have a man or a dog?

excerpt from my book “Love Smart with Your Heart” by Jewel Diamond Taylor Yes, there are good, mature, loving, caring, responsible and faithful men.  This book is NOT male bashing.  This message helps women to discern bad behavior.  This message helps women to avoid stepping into a dog mess.  This message helps women to guardContinue reading “Do you have a man or a dog?”

Help for a Broken Heart

I’m smart in some areas of my life, but I was in the slow class of learning how to love smart with my heart.  I wasn’t alone in this class.  Many women are smart on their jobs, in college, operating their businesses, juggling schedules to care for children, aging parents, job, class, hair appointments andContinue reading “Help for a Broken Heart”

You Have 2 Brains – Which one are you listening to?

Did you know your body has two (2) brains?  I was reminded of this medical revelation from an experience I had 20 years ago.  I was invited to inspire women living with HIV/Aids but I was the one who left encouraged after my brief encounter and hug from a sightless man who was there asContinue reading “You Have 2 Brains – Which one are you listening to?”

I Teach 3 Things

The mind, body and spirit are one.  What your mind thinks affects your cells.  Your emotions are triggered by what you think and the level of your faith.  Your body is the host vessel for the Holy Spirit.  As you grow in any of your tri-dimensions, it affects your total well-being.  This principle has beenContinue reading “I Teach 3 Things”

Looking for Love

(excerpt from the book “Love Smart with Your Heart” by Jewel Diamond Taylor)…             “I have had my share of relationship foolishness, weakness, blindness, self-betrayal, hurt and blues.  Some women can be smart with their money and foolish with their heart.  And there are those who are smart with their heartContinue reading “Looking for Love”

Wisdom in Your Wilderness

The following is an excerpt from my book and CD “Shift Happens”…. When I have been self-absorbed with my pain, losses, guilt, fears, tantrums of disappointments or weary waiting on God, I realized that my wilderness times were not about punishment. That is the trick of the enemy. The immature and fearful mind can trickContinue reading “Wisdom in Your Wilderness”