Wisdom in Your Wilderness

The following is an excerpt from my book and CD “Shift Happens”….

When I have been self-absorbed with my pain, losses, guilt, fears, tantrums of disappointments or weary waiting on God, I realized that my wilderness times were not about punishment. That is the trick of the enemy. The immature and fearful mind can trick you into thinking you are exiled from God’s grace.

Once we embrace any shifting, suffering, or wilderness experience in our lives, it’s so helpful to pray for wisdom in our wilderness experiences. Yes, our wilderness experience can be a time of wandering, complaining, and confusion. But the wilderness experience can also be a time of learning, healing, renewal of purpose, and a rebirth of your faith. We don’t like having to meet God in the darkness and times of despair and discouragement. But I have learned in my times of darkness and disappointment it was God’s invitation for me to make an appointment with the Divine to see more clearly who I was, where I was, and where I needed to grow in order to see the light of hope again. The Hebrew people were lost in the wilderness for 40 years. Psalm 78:14 states they were guided by God’s cloud by day and with light from the fire all night. They were never alone. God was guiding them. Each time I come through a “shift” or a wilderness experience I’m reminded that God has not left me. There is a cloud of glory over my head and a light in my darkness.

I think….no, I know… I sometimes suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder). When I need to complete paperwork or project, I’m challenged to remain focused. I get restless or distracted. I also know that I have spiritual ADD. Trials, trouble, and testing of my faith requires me to pay attention, focus, and trust God. When I feel overwhelmed or worried, these are times I need to keep my attention on God’s promises and my possibilities. Trials, trouble, and testing of my faith requires me to pay attention, focus, and trust God. Faith requires one to be still and focus on God’s word. Faith requires one to stop looking around and keep their eye on God. It’s so easy for fear, distractions, and the need to escape to take my attention off of God’s promises.

Each time I find myself lost in the wilderness of depression, isolation, worry or waiting, I am reminded how important it is to pray and ask God to help me with my disbelief (Mark 9:24). I learn each time that faith is not just quoting scriptures or any rituals…true faith is learning how to trust God for what I cannot see. It’s about surrendering my need to control. Faith is trusting God even in the darkness. Faith is trusting God even when I hear divine instruction that does not make sense to my logical mind. To read more, order your copy today of Shift Happens

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