Looking for Love

(excerpt from the book “Love Smart with Your Heart” by Jewel Diamond Taylor)…             “I have had my share of relationship foolishness, weakness, blindness, self-betrayal, hurt and blues.  Some women can be smart with their money and foolish with their heart.  And there are those who are smart with their heart and foolish with their money. Some are smart in their careers but make foolish mistakes in their relationships, parenting and family interactions.

Some of us; crave love, resist love, have never known real love, confuse lust with love, love too hard, are afraid to be loved, don’t know how to love, have been hurt by love, starving for love, nurture others with our love, obsess and smother others with our love, closed our hearts to love, have loved with conditions, think we can buy love with sex, money, looks, etc.,  proclaim we don’t need love and some take advantage of our love or some of us miss and take advantage of the love around us. Some have been hurt so bad that we withhold love, play games with people’s emotions or leaves pieces of broken hearts all around.  Some have been rejected and become self-destructive and self-loathing.   Some people bounce from one relationship to another without healing our broken heart from previous relationships.  Some are narcissistic and self-absorbed with the idea of love.   Some people have been naïve, desperate and immature in giving or receiving love and need to grow smart with their hearts.  Yes, smart people can make stupid choices with their hearts.  Some people look for love in all the wrong places and faces.  Some never know about the love of God.”

If you live in the Los Angeles area Nov. 10, I will be teaching from my book “Love Smart with Your Heart.”  This promises to be a very enlightening, empowering, eye-opening, heart-healing, mind-growing and fun experience.

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  1. This was a loovely blog post

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