Leap of Faith

Recently I attended a meeting learning information that could change my life and my business. On the way to the meeting I heard old voices of sabotage, procrastination and fear speaking…e.g. “The traffic is too much, turn around…If I’m late, I should call and say I will come next time…I’m tired and I should have stayed home…This information is over my head, I’m too old to start something new. blah blah.” After hearing the passionate speaker I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt a combination of excitement and fear. I felt overwhelmed and I felt hope.

I am sharing this experience with you because I know what it feels like to be out of your comfort zone. I push, inspire and motivate others as a Life Coach, but when it happens to me, I too, feel a mixed bag of emotions. Why does this happen? Our brains are wired for the familiar. Our brain likes to conserve energy so it seeks routine. I am seeking growth and change but my brain likes the loop of assumptions, fear and behaviors that have accumulated over time because of my focus and repetitive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Here’s an example. If you take the same route home from work every day, after a while your brain doesn’t have to think. You get home on auto pilot. If you take a new route, your mind needs to use energy to be alert for danger, new streets, new turns, new traffic signals, new sights along the way. Now your brain is on hyper-alert instead of auto-pilot. This happens when we change jobs, relationships, grocery stores, restaurants, classes, etc. Too often we slip into auto-pilot and miss red flags, miss opportunities for growth and miss the adventure and possibilities life offers.

If you want to change your life, change your behavior and choices.   We are creatures of habit.  Whatever you focus on and repeat… becomes a feedback loop in your brain. If you focus on fear and repeat limiting behavior…your brain develops a routine and familiar loop of assumptions and feelings. If you focus on success, growth and possibilities…your brain will develop a routine and familiar loop of assumptions and feelings. As a man/woman thinketh…so is he/she.

You were born to be and experience more than where you are now! Life has so many more things for you to see, touch, smell, taste, feel, enjoy, share, learn, hear, overcome and accomplish. I invite you to take more leaps of faith with me and silence your inner critic. Be reminded of the words found in 2 Timothy 1:7…”For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

I will be teaching more on this topic “Train Your Brain for Success” on a tele-conference call Saturday, Dec 1 and Saturday, Dec. 8. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

enjoy this brief 2 minute video clip about taking leaps of faith


How to have compassion

Compassion is essentially the wish that beings not suffer – from subtle physical and emotional discomfort to agony and anguish – combined with feelings of sympathetic concern.

You could have compassion for an individual (a friend in the hospital, a co-worker passed over for a promotion), groups of people (victims of crime, those displaced by a hurricane, refugee children), animals (your pet, livestock heading for the slaughterhouse), and yourself.

Compassion is not pity, agreement, or a waiving of your rights. You can have compassion for people who’ve wronged you while also insisting that they treat you better.

Compassion by itself opens your heart and nourishes people you care about. Those who receive your compassion are more likely to be patient, forgiving, and compassionate with you. Compassion reflects the wisdom that everything is related to everything else, and it naturally draws you into feeling more connected with all things.

Additionally, compassion can incline you to helpful action. For example, one study showed that motor circuits in the brain lit up when people were feeling compassionate, as if they were getting ready to do something about the suffering they were sensing.

How do we cultivate compassion? Compassion is natural; you don’t have to force it; just open to the difficulty, the struggle, the stress, the impact of events, the sorrow and strain in the other person; open your heart, let yourself be moved, and let compassion flow through you.

Feel what compassion’s like in your body – in your chest, throat, and face. Sense the way it softens your thoughts, gentles your reactions. Know it so you can find your way back again.

Moments of compassion come in the flow of life – maybe a friend tells you about a loss, or you can see the hurt behind someone’s angry face, or a hungry child looks out at you from the pages of a newspaper.

Also, you can deliberately call in compassion a minute (or more), perhaps each day; here are a few suggestions:

  • Relax and tune into your body.
  • Remember the feeling of being with someone who cares about you.
  • Bring to mind someone it is easy to feel compassion for.
  • Perhaps put your compassion into words, softly heard in the back of your mind, such as: “May you not suffer . . . may this hard time pass . . . may things be alright for you.”
  • Expand your circle of compassion to include others; consider a benefactor (someone who has been kind to you), friend, neutral person, difficult person (a challenge, certainly), and yourself (sometimes the hardest person of all).
  • Going further, extend compassion to all the beings in your family . . . neighborhood . . . city . . . state . . . country . . . world. All beings, known or unknown, liked or disliked. Humans, animals, plants, even microbes. Beings great or small, in the air, on the ground, under water. Including all, omitting none.

Going through your day, open to compassion from time to time for people you don’t know: someone in a deli, a stranger on a bus, crowds moving down the sidewalk.

Let compassion settle into the background of your mind and body. ~ by Rick Hanson

GET UP – No more excuses

 “As a one-on-one life coach I have worked with numerous people who, on the verge of important accomplishments  and breakthroughs – procrastinate, stop their sessions, doubt themselves, get distracted and sabotage their own success.  It beats getting their hopes up and having somebody else dash them — especially if that’s been a frequent experience in life.  By extinguishing your own hopes, your unconscious is trying to protect you from the rejection that has already happened in the past. The pain you know is familiar, and by causing it yourself … you at least feel in control. You know how things will turn out since, without realizing it, you have unconsciously set yourself up for failure.  (e.g. “See I knew it wasn’t going to work out!” or “My (Mom, Dad, husband, wife, friends) were right, I shouldn’t try this.”

People often say they procrastinate because there are lazy.  No, I suggest they put off a daunting task because they are afraid they will not be good enough to accomplish it. Or what if they do, and still feel empty inside? Not trying and making excuses is a way to keep alive the hope that things will still work out in the future. Acting mean, nasty and combative is a way to sabotage relationships and jobs to fulfill a prophesy of failure and rejection.  By unconsciously repeating self-defeating patterns that lead to failed relationships, rejection, financial struggle, addictive behavior, or dead ends…you are fulfilling your own prophecy that you are unworthy, bad, stupid or that life is unfair.

What is your personality type when it comes to; using your influence, responding to conflict, going after your goals, coping with stress or believing in your prayers and gifts?  Are you an approacher or an avoider?  Are you passive or aggressive?  Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Do you procrastinate or are you proactive?  Are you easily offended and defensive or are you emotionally resilient? Are you a grumbler or do you wake up grateful?  Are you praying or playing around wasting time on minor tasks to avoid your major tasks?  Are you easily distracted or focused?  Are you letting people and/or circumstances drive you crazy or are you driven with passion, purpose, focus and faith to manifest your heart’s desire?  Are you closed or open to new experiences and the flow of life?  Do you run away from your problems with excuses or do you confront them with faith, courage and action?

Get focused.  Get energized.  Get going. Get back your joy. Get inspired. Get an “I’m gettin’ up out of my situation” attitude.  Get closer to people on fire!  Get the resources and tools that can help you get closer to your goals. Get some self-control.  Get some courage.  Get real.  Get on fire!  Get up!”  Click here to listen to excerpt from my CD “Get Your BUT Out of the Way.”

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