Relationship Tips

1. No two people are the same. Disagreements happen on a mental level.  Disapproval of your mate’s appearance, choices, work, faith and values happens on an emotional level.  Disagreements are to be expected, but constant disapproval of your mate does more damage to your relationship. Harsh words can hurt more than physical pain.  Taste your own wordsContinue reading “Relationship Tips”

Share what you see or receive

I created a new site to celebrate what is going right in this world.  In an effort to focus on the goodness and kindness of people I see all around me, I created a new blog…”A.O.K.” Acts of Kindness. If you have given, received or seen random acts of kindness, please share your comments, storyContinue reading “Share what you see or receive”

Natural High Prevents Depression

My hunch is that society calls street recreational drugs “dope”, short for dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a messenger, that sends signals to your brain about reward and pleasure.  Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them. YouContinue reading “Natural High Prevents Depression”

21 Success Habits

As a writer and public speaker with a curious mind, I’m always searching for new words to express my ideas about success, excellence, performance, customer service, motivation and the pursuit of purpose and happiness.  “über” is a word I see often. In German, über is used as a prefix as well as a word in its own right. BothContinue reading “21 Success Habits”

Prepare for Job Interview Questions

In my former life before becoming a motivational speaker, I worked in Human Resources in the aerospace industry in southern California.  Below are common questions and suggested responses to help you prepare for a job interview. Tell me about yourself (a classic opening question.) This is a classic opening question and may just be asked asContinue reading “Prepare for Job Interview Questions”