Is it time for Plan B?

Some of our desires, time and efforts can be fruitful and some futile. We can’t force someone to act the way we want them to act. We can’t force someone to love us, respect us, include us, affirm us or understand us. We can’t have what is not in God’s plan for our lives.

My wisdom is teaching me from past experiences that some situations can’t be forced through but …faith it through, which means surrendering my idea of what and when something should happen or how people should act. The old saying, “You can’t force a square round holesquare into a round hole.” is an excellent metaphor for many areas of our lives. Forcing someone with your demand, pleading, manipulation and ultimatum are in vain. Expending yourself and wasting time on people who don’t want your help or exhausting your time, money and energy into a relationship or project that is futile is likened to forcing a square into a round hole. It’s not working. Letting go of the need to control is part of spiritual and emotional maturity. Just because I learned discernment and chose plan B many times, doesn’t mean I gave up. Let your wisdom speak.  Is your wisdom and God’s guidance telling you to choose plan B? Is your wisdom telling you that you are pouring too much energy into a dead end, end, abortive, barren, empty, fruitless, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, otiose, unavailing, unproductive, unsuccessful, useless, in vain, no dice, profitless and pointless pursuit, project or person? ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

futile or fruitful


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