One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring with Jewel Diamond Taylor

One of the reasons I’m passionate and good at life coaching is because we need people to help us SEE what is not obvious to us. Life coaching is objective. Your perception of your situation and possibilities are subjective. Sometimes you are too close to your “story”, your pain, your old way of thinking, low self-worth, your anger or your impatience that you don’t SEE the obvious right in front of you. My style and expertise in life coaching empowers women to SEE more than the obvious. Do you SEE all the squares below? The answer is obvious to some and NOT to others. We all have blind spots and that is why personal life coaching/counseling can be so powerful and heart opening.

how many squares

“My particular style of counseling/mentoring/coaching offers;

. relief from isolation, procrastination, self-defeating behavior and frustration

. release off your brakes

. recognition of your gifts

. re-energizes your focus, confidence and purpose and

. reboots you into positive action.

Encouragement and accountability helps you to engage and trust your own possibilities, power and potential. Sometimes you are unable to see your own blind spots or your possibilities.

Some of the deepest longing in you is the voice of your purpose and gift. It calls you to follow a path of action, courage, integrity and humility. Call me 323.964.1736 to set up your one-on-one coaching with me (via Skype or phone)  or email” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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