Ask Seek Knock – The Power of Asking

ask seek knock     What do you need?  Do you need help caregiving for a loved one?  Do you need to ask for job or close a sale?  Do you need help with your studies, web site or housework?  Do you need support in achieving a goal or a life coach?  Do you need a ride to the airport, your job, church, class or doctor’s visit?  Do you need parenting support or find a good lawyer, dentist or mechanic?  Do you need to ask for help in building your business or ministry?  Do you need to ask for a raise, a loan, an extension, scholarship, ticket to the game or concert?   Do you want to overcome an abusive relationship or ask to be apart of the team, choir, road trip or panel of authors?  Do you want a promotion or inform your mate that you want to select the next movie, restaurant, or vacation spot?  Do you want someone to stop disrespecting your dreams, talent, space, body, time, or money?
    There are many reasons why people are afraid to ask for what they want or need…
1. pride or shame
2. low self-esteem
3. fear of rejection
4. ignorance, lack of awareness
5. lack of faith
6. superwo(man) syndrome – I can do it myself
7. not specific, uncertain and poor communication skills
I write the year in the front page of the books I purchase.  This morning as I pondered what my topic would be today, my eyes fell on a book I bought and read in 1996 The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  The book warned readers that we pay a price when we don’t ask for what we want.  This book told story of how the University of Chicago received a grant from Mrs. Fields (Marshall Fields Department store fame and fortune).  The administration at Northwestern University was shocked to learn that she donated a million dollars to the University of Chicago.  How could this be?  Mrs. Fields lived in Evanston, Illinois the same place where Northwestern University is located and she had been a supporter in the past.  When the university officials called Mrs. Fields to discover why she had given the money to the University of Chicago rather than to them, she replied, “The people at the University of Chicago asked.  You didn’t.”
ask seek knock

     What is stopping you from asking, seeking and knocking on doors of  opportunities?       Sure, you may not get what you want the first time.  Don’t stop there.  Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.  

Keep the main thing…the MAIN THING.  

     Clarify your expectations.  The video below is a humorous and good example of the importance of being 

clear and specific when you are making a request of someone.   The more clear and specific you are …the more you will increase your chances of success.

by Jewel Diamond Taylor,

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