Stop Being a Bag Lady

 “Every time I fly I think how traveling has lost some of it’s joy and affordability for many people.  The airlines created another stream of income by charging customers for excess baggage.  The more extra baggage the airplane carries… the more fuel it uses.  I definitely became a smarter traveler because of this added fee policy.  Of course, I still take all my shoes, but there are some things I learned to travel without to avoid extra costs.   Ummm, makes me think about life.  How much does it cost you and I to carry unnecessary “emotional baggage”?
      There is a cost to our peace of mind, health,relationships and spiritual wellness when we carry baggage picgrudges, bitterness, anger, stress, grief, pride, self- righteous, rebellion, shame, fear and low self-esteem.  Emotional baggage hasa cost my friend!!! 
      Are you ready to let some of your baggage go?  Are you ready to feel lighter?  Are you ready to live your life better and not bitter? Are you ready to be resilient…not living with resentment and regrets?  Are you ready to live with faith…not fear?   Are you ready to live your life inspired…not sick and tired?”  ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor

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