Fatal Distractions

When I experience stress, doubt or worry… sometimes I have to listen to my own CDs. Worry, fear, doubt, stress, illness, drama in your home, job, church, team and a constant viewing of the tragic TV news and are fatal distractions.  These things can cause you to crash and lose focus on your faith, purpose, peace and goals.  Be careful of the FATAL DISTRACTIONS in your life.  Being in bad relationships or giving your time, power and talent to the wrong people or organizations will get you off track from your real goals and purpose.  These fatal distractions could cause you to miss graduating from college, building your business/ministry, staying clean and sober or lose your faith and trust in God.  Anger, depression, trivial things and mindless entertainment to escape can be fatal to the focus you need for your priorities and purpose.  Sometimes people are intimidated by you, insecure around you or try to belittle you because they see your greatness and potential for success.  When you feel that push back or put down from people around you … it’s not about you. They are showing you their insecurities. Don’t allow insecure or small thinking people to ruin your day, steal your peace or take you off track from your purpose. I call these people energy vampires or fatal distractions.  Who or what is consuming your attention?  Who or what has taken your eye off your path?  It doesn’t take much to have an accident when you are distracted.

Many of us drive our cars; texting, talking on the phone, eating, fussing at the kids in the back seat, putting on make up, fumbling with CDs and angry at slow drivers.  These distractions cause drivers to miss their exit on the freeway.  Driving distractions on the road can become costly or fatal accidents on the highway.      

Fatal distractionsIt doesn’t take much for life’s tribulations to block your view  on your road to success.  Emotional and relational distractions can hinder your victory, destiny, blessings, peace of mind and God’s way for your life.  I encourage you to be around the right people, study, listen to inspirational CDs and read the resources that will keep you focused and encouraged.  The main thing is to KEEP the main thing…the MAIN THING!”

~ by Inspirational Speaker, Ordained Minister, Life Coach, College Circuit Speaker and author of the book “SHIFT HAPPENS: The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing”  Jewel Diamond Taylor, www.DoNotGiveUp.net, to book this speaker for your conference, luncheon, church, workplace or women’s retreat, call 323.964.1736 or e-mail Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net