Who gets your…

“Who gets your time, energy, support and talent? Who do you talk to about your dreams and goals? If the people around you question your assignment, jealous, insecure, instigate drama and can’t celebrate your success…upgrade! If the people around you shake your ladder of success instead of holding it for you…upgrade!

If they smile in your face while trying to take your place…upgrade! If their words don’t align with their actions…upgrade! If they rather talk about your past instead of your possibilities…upgrade! If they help you decorate for your pity party instead of encouraging you to get up…its time to upgrade.

If their drama filled/toxic relationship is influencing your marriage/relationship…its time to upgrade! If small thinking people try to speak fear into your big faith…its time to upgrade!

If they think like a chicken and stay on the ground floor but you think like an eagle ready to soar…its time to upgrade! Your associations determine your destination.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor http://www.DoNotGiveUp.net. e-mail Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net, 323.964.1736

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