Speak Up for Your Life

During my son’s battle with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer (lungs, heart, bone, skin, liver), he was specific about limiting visitors. Even though many friends and relatives wanted to visit him, he kept saying, “Mom I’m in a battle for my life and I only need positive energy and hope around me. I don’t want sadness or a pity-party. I don’t have the energy to answer questions.”

JJ was so focused and, at times, I thought he was being a little too harsh not receiving family members who loved him. He really lived out my motto and book title “The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing…The Main Thing.

Sadly, my son did not survive and passed away September 1, surrounded by family and friends. The lesson I wish to share, which is not new, but very significant in my thoughts in this season of grief and mystery is…
We are all in a battle for either; our lives, dreams, goals, sanity, jobs, housing, family, health, finances, faith and salvation. We must guard our hearts and have physical and emotional boundaries to protect ourselves from people who can drain, discourage or distract us. People may think you are being too harsh. People may not understand your focus and fight. One of the many legacies my son John has left me … is to never be afraid to speak up for what is important to you. It’s your life. ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor. www.DoNotGiveUp.net

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