Broken to be blessed

     glass blowing

“The glass blower knows in the heat of the beginning, any shape is possible.  Once hardened, the only way to change… is to break.” ~ Mark Nepo

“This profound quote above reminds me that in the beginning of our lives as children, we can take on any shape as God, family, friends, school, church, etc. breathes life into us. They influence the shape of our lives. Our early habits, hurts and history of relationships and beliefs shapes our lives. Our hurts, setbacks, disappointments, limiting thoughts and bitterness can make us hard like glass. Life’s hurts, changes and losses can break us and re-shape our thinking, faith, and beliefs. Sometimes people only change after being broken by divorce, death, debt, disease or disappointments. Being broken by life’s circumstances should humble you and not hardened you. Suffering and pain can break your heart and soul wide open to be more alive, awake and aware of God’s grace. Everyone at some point in their lives will be broken and changed…either changed for the better or changed becoming bitter.

 I encourage you today to not let unfortunate circumstances and seasons harden your heart like glass. Be flexible. Be teachable. Be open to change. Develop courage and faith to stand. If you have been broken, allow the Master to blow new life into you, transform your thinking and reshape your life into a new vessel. Let God do a new thing in your life. (Isaiah 43:19).

You can be broken but still blessed.”  ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor,

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