Waking Up Still Feeling the Same…No Change

I woke up this morning, put my feet on the floor, washed face and went downstairs…reality hit me again.  My son is gone.  This is not a dream.  Is this a trick? No, this is real.  He has gone on to heaven. I won’t see him walk through that door.  I won’t hear his voice again.  I won’t get another one of his wonderful hugs.  I won’t hear him talk about his passion about sports, golf, the stars, the pyramids or his goals for building the family business.  I woke up to a harsh reality.  I had to make a decision.

Have you ever woke up, put your feet on the floor and washed the sleep out of your eyes only to realize you are still single, still broke, still sick, still tired, still living in an apartment, or some where you don’t want to live?  Have you woke up and realized you still haven’t lost the weight, still going to a job that you hate, or woke up and realized you were still unemployed or still waiting for “that” phone call or  the pain in your body or heart hasn’t stopped?  Have you woke up to the reality that you still have to ride the bus or still have to feed and take of your child (children) even though you are feeling crappy and tired?  Have you ever woke and realized you were still angry or still stressed? Have you ever woke up to the reality that are still a widow, still going through a painful separation or divorce, still missing your parents, still haven’t found your purpose, still have no joy or you still feel lost and out of place at your job, church, family or on campus?

You have a decision to make.  Every day you make a decision.  You can decide to remain stuck in your emotions and stay on the train of thought that only leads to a destination of doom, gloom, depression, defeat and reaching for something to dull the pain.  Or you can decide to take a  ride on another train of thought that leads to breathing in gratitude, grace, peace and a determined mindset to live your best life today in spite of it all.  You cannot ride both trains at that same time.  When reality shows you something you don’t want to see or believe…which train of thought will you ride today?

train of thought

Join me as I learn to choose the right train of thought each morning.  Sometimes days are easy and some days are hard.  I resolve to exhale the pain and stress and inhale God’s grace to see another day.  I choose to see there are new possibilities.  I choose to shake off feeling tired and remain inspired to experience peace, compassion, gratitude, health and enthusiasm.  I choose joy.  I choose life. I choose courage.  I choose love.  I choose wisdom. I choose peace.  I choose strength to change what I can.  I choose acceptance for what I cannot change.  I choose wisdom to know the difference.  I choose resilience.  I choose a “bounce back” attitude.  I choose positive actions.  I choose to NOT give up. click this link to get your copy of my book “I AM Resilient” 

book cover I am Resilient 2

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