Do something about your pain

Depressed-woman 2
Woman jogging everyday hears a dog howling in pain…every morning.
Woman asks her neighbor: “What is wrong with your dog?  I hear your dog howling every time I pass by your porch.  He sounds like he is in so much pain!
Neighbor: He has been on this porch everyday sitting on a nail for weeks.
Woman:  Why doesn’t your dog get up off that rusty nail?
Neighbor:  It doesn’t hurt bad enough.  He howls, but he has gotten used to the pain.
    My dear friend reading this message today:  Are you sitting on a rusty nail?  Have you gotten used to the pain of abuse, being broke, being unhappy or being unhealthy?  Have you gotten used to a dead-end relationship or job?  Have you gotten used to being overweight or living below your standards?  Are you making a lot of noise about your disappointments or drama in your family?  Are you making a lot of noise disturbing others around you?  Have you gotten used to being broke, sick and tired?  Is your rusty nail the people in your life who take your kindness for granted?  Are you howling instead of developing your voice of self-esteem and self-worth?  What issues in your life need your attention, faith, courage and action?
     Get off your rusty nail!  No longer howl nor complain!  No more noise, make a choice today to create the life you desire!  No longer justify or deny your pain.
    Get off your rusty nail and be fruitful.  Get off your rusty nail and discover the courage and faith to take action.  Get off your rusty nail and don’t allow fear nor procrastination to keep you on the “porch of limitation”. ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor,

One response to “Do something about your pain”

  1. I just stood up from the nail, feeling relieved. I hope someone out there will do the same(move from the comfort zone).

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