Why People Give Up and Quit!

i quit

People don’t typically enjoy quitting. People usually are seeking stability/belonging, connection and a place to make a contribution and grow.

People don’t like leaving their jobs, they leave their poor leader/boss/poor management.
People don’t quit on God, they quit the church leader,the members, church hurt.
People don’t quit friendship, they quit haters, dysfunction and unequally yoked relationships.
People don’t quit on marriage, they quit the person who stopped being loving and/or being faithful to them.
People don’t want to quit living, they just want the pain, drama, hatred, abuse, loneliness, and dysfunction to end.
People don’t quit class/college, they quit the boring/ineffective teachers.

People quit dreaming and going after their goals because they lack support, faith, good health/energy, good coaching and mentors.

People quit because they never learned how to endure tough times.  If their life has a history of comfort, spoiled by parents, sheltered from pain and struggle, always had a job, home, money, car or support…they will be easily frustrated when faced with difficulty, obstacles and loss.

It’s unrealistic to think you can control everything or agree with every aspect of a project,relationship, group, church, job, etc.  But some people quit easily when they can’t control everything or have everything their way.  Commitment means staying loyal long after that great feeling you had when you first started has diminished or gone. Commitment is about staying and sticking way past what is convenient, comfortable or controllable.

Some people never learned how to cope, endure, be resilient or press through their pain. Champions, athletes, freedom fighters, single parents, cancer survivors and soldiers are examples of people who learned how to never give up in spite of their physical or emotional pain.

Your body may be tired, but stay inspired. Your way may be hard and long, just don’t lose your faith and song. Don’t give up even though you think no one appreciates you. Don’t give up even though you think God has forsaken you. You may be comparing your life to someone else’s progress. You may be giving too many of the wrong people access to your joy, talents, dreams, time, heart and ear gate. Get up one more time. Your life is worth living. When I come up against a wall of grief, discouragement and delays, I have learned how important it is to encourage myself.”

~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, Leadership Workshop Trainer, http://www.DoNotGiveUp.net

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  1. U R GREAT! U GET ME MOVING & sharing. keep up the good work!

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