7 Suggestions for Parenting Adult Children

Being the parent of adult children is sometimes more difficult than when the children are still at home. I can’t tell you how many strained relationships, bitterness, hurt and even anger I’ve witnessed over the years with adult children. I know some young adults who, though they still speak, avoid their parents influence because ofContinue reading “7 Suggestions for Parenting Adult Children”

6 Things That Can Mess Up Your Life

There are so many factors that can rob you of peace, block your blessings and stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.  Below is a partial list of some of the most critical hindering factors: 1. People – Surround yourself with people of like mind, similar interests/values and who have a positive impact on yourContinue reading “6 Things That Can Mess Up Your Life”

ReEvaluate Your Relationships

You know it’s time re-evaluate and sometimes separate from people in your life…  . When the people around you question your assignment and they are jealous, insecure, instigate drama and can’t celebrate your success.  . When the people around you shake your ladder of success instead of holding it for you. . When they blowContinue reading “ReEvaluate Your Relationships”

Less Stress…More Success

 Don’t give up on your possibilities but give up those things that bring you pain and blocks your growth, healing and progress! 1.  Give up your need to always be right 2.  Give up your need for control 3.  Give up thinking you are not worthy 4.  Give up your self-defeating self-talk 5.  Give upContinue reading “Less Stress…More Success”