This Horse Has a Powerful Message for You

“I live near many neighbors who own horses. While in the store the other day I talked with neighbor Karen in the store. She proudly showed me pictures of her three horses. She has one show horse Sabrina, another named Tahoe and the miniature horse Delilah who will never grow any taller (pink blanket). Karen rescues horses that are neglected and abused. Wow! That’s her calling and passion in life.  We all have different callings.

horse story KarenI realized in some ways that I rescue people who want to give up or who have lost their faith and passion for life. The small miniature horse had never seen over the wall because of her size. Once Karen rescued her, Delilah has seen so much more and spends her days with healthy and cared for horses. She was confined and limited physically and visually. I thought about people who are not around healthy people. There are so many who have never SEEN “over the wall” of their fears, abuse, poverty, small thinking, addictions, family dysfunction and broken hearts.
That short encounter standing in line at the Dollar Tree Store with Karen and hearing about Delilah reminded me why I do what I do.  After 30 years on my path of speaking, teaching and rescuing others with limited vision, I think God knew I needed some affirmation and a divine push so I wouldn’t give up. I want to inspire others to climb, leap and see over their walls. I want to inspire people NOT to have a limited and miniature size faith. There is so much more of life to experience. My joy and purpose is to inspire people to have the courage, faith and perseverance to overcome the walls that THEY BUILD themselves AND the walls the enemy, the haters, the critics or society builds to limit them.” ~ Jewel Diamond Taylor,
“With you I can charge into battle; with my God I can leap over a wall.” Psalm 18:29

One response to “This Horse Has a Powerful Message for You”

  1. So awesome that your purpose was confirmed thru this. It’s never too late. Continue doing what you are doing. Your messages are an inspiration and so uplifting.

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