D-IAM-ond affirmations

Jewel colorful top (sage) smallSharing the power of affirmations and declarations to speak life into my circumstances, possibilities and potential:
. I should have new testimonies of growth by the end of the year as a result of my obedience, study, courage, faith, actions, giving and service. I AM proactive.
. I continue being a trailblazer understanding that any struggles, distractions or temptations that come my way are my testing and growing places. I AM resilient. I AM faithful and focused.
. I AM seeking to experience and understand the mystery of God in my life and share my joy and understanding of it.

. My financial security is my responsibility.  I AM disciplined, wealthy, talented, gifted and actively creating streams of income.  I act on my ideas.  I AM polishing up my gifts.  I gladly give and receive the abundant life.

. This is my body and I AM active, healthy, divine and eating healthier every day in every way.

. I continue to seek ways to re-tool and renew myself to guard off any doubt, exhaustion or stress. I AM healthy. I AM growing. I AM at peace.

I AM Diamond Affirmation Card
Jewel Diamond Taylor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Women’s Retreat Leader, Minister of God’s of Love, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” 

Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor

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Touching the world with love, wisdom, encouragement and soul.

Wife, mother, sister, leader, conference keynote speaker, author, life coach, minister of God’s love, and popular women’s retreat facilitator.  Taylor, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” resides in Southern California travels nationally and internationally to speak to audiences (e.g. campus, conference, church, corporation).  Radio and TV appearances.

Jewel Diamond Taylor inspires others to transform their;

low self-esteem into confidence, procrastination into action, goals into reality, setbacks into resiliency, emotional pain into wellness and fears into faith.

To book this speaker for your event call 323.964.1736 or email – Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net

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Your thoughts have power

your mind is a garden

“You cannot keep your thoughts a secret. What you think about… you bring about.  What you think about … shows up in your habits.  What you fear and what you love shows up in your life.

If you think about and focus on your past hurts…it shows up as anger, bitterness, sadness,sickness, addiction, poverty of the spirit and depression.

If you think about and focus on your passion, ideas, interests, gifts and talents, they show up as joy, energy, enthusiasm, confidence and brilliance.

You cannot hide what you feel, talk about or think about all the time.  Your “seed trinity” is your feelings, thoughts and words.  Your “seed trinity” plants and produces its likeness.  That is what Proverbs 23:7 teaches and the author James Allen shared in his popular books, “As a man thinketh and “As a woman thinketh.”

Your efforts and seeds produces results.  Your 3-fold seed is either planting and producing weeds.  Or your 3-fold seed of faith and action is planting and producing a harvest.”

Many are depressed, stuck, procrastinating, angry and unfulfilled because they keep thinking the same old thoughts…stinkin’ thinkin’.  Elevate your thinking and you will SEE new results in your life!  Put your seed in the ground!~ Jewel Diamond Taylor.com

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your mind is a garden

Persevere through the hard times

      Millions of people suffer from depression (e.g. sadness, hopeless, fatigue and loss of interest). Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those who care about him/her.    For some this dis-ease is treatable.  Click this link to learn about the many types of depression.
      For some people depression is short term …a temporary blue mood.  Medical and mental health support is not in my wheelhouse.  I can offer emotional and spiritual support for those not suffering from chronic disorders of depression.  
      If you have short lived episodes of anxiety feeling sad and overwhelmed, I render these thoughts below for emotional and spiritual wellness with my Depression Poster below.

Sometimes you may feel that neither faith, joy or hope can find you.  You may be in a place of dryness, uncertainty and stagnation. You may stare at your low “joy ceiling”, pace the floor, sleep all day, eat compulsively or not eat at all.  You may isolate and want to give up because you ache for a divine and loving relationship, peace in your family, better finances, a home, increase in your business/ministry, help for your child, spouse of parent.  You may just want to be left alone or you may be yearning for connections and companionship. Maybe you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    If you find that all hope is gone, I pray you breathe in hope and remember the moments of sunshine and sweetness to heal your wounds and get through your difficult times.  I pray that you will not be weary in your well doing and live with hope, gratitude and resiliency.  I pray, that just like a flower is determined to bloom no matter the circumstances, that you will also bloom in spite of the brokenness in your life.
     The flower in this picture went through dirt and broken concrete seeking the sunlight. Whatever you are going through, I pray that you “grow” through it so you can see better days.  I believe with every fiber of being that you can make it!  You are stronger than you realize.  Be resilient and push through your “dirt and broken concrete”.  Push through to see the light of your possibilities.  Push through today.  Push through believing that God is with you in the joy and pain…sunshine and rain.”  ~  by Jewel Diamond Taylor, author of “I Am Resilient, www.DoNotGiveUp.net/IAMResilient  To contact Jewel call 323.964.1736 or email – Jewel@DoNotGiveUp.net
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