D-IAM-ond affirmations

Sharing the power of affirmations and declarations to speak life into my circumstances, possibilities and potential: . I should have new testimonies of growth by the end of the year as a result of my obedience, study, courage, faith, actions, giving and service. I AM proactive. . I continue being a trailblazer understanding that any struggles, distractions orContinue reading “D-IAM-ond affirmations”

Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor

Touching the world with love, wisdom, encouragement and soul. Wife, mother, sister, leader, conference keynote speaker, author, life coach, minister of God’s love, and popular women’s retreat facilitator.  Taylor, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” resides in Southern California travels nationally and internationally to speak to audiences (e.g. campus, conference, church, corporation).  Radio and TV appearances. JewelContinue reading “Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor”

Your thoughts have power

“You cannot keep your thoughts a secret. What you think about… you bring about.  What you think about … shows up in your habits.  What you fear and what you love shows up in your life. If you think about and focus on your past hurts…it shows up as anger, bitterness, sadness,sickness, addiction, poverty ofContinue reading “Your thoughts have power”

Persevere through the hard times

      Millions of people suffer from depression (e.g. sadness, hopeless, fatigue and loss of interest). Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It interferes with daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for both the person with the disorder and those who care about him/her.    For some thisContinue reading “Persevere through the hard times”

Start using your personal power! – VIDEO

To invite Jewel Diamond Taylor to speak for your conference, campus, workplace training, church, retreat, luncheon, or book signing, call 323.964.1736.  You will be AMAZED how affordable and easy it is to have Jewel bring a dynamic and memorable experience to your event or organization.  

music & motivational message – walk by faith

You will learn why so many of us procrastinate and never fully live in our purpose, joy and success. Listen to this powerful message all the way to the END. Call 323.964.1736 when you are ready to invite Jewel Diamond Taylor to speak for your conference, campus, church, workplace training, retreat, luncheon or book signing.

Jewel’s RED SHOE LUNCHEON Invitation

Tickets $25 per person advance $35 at the door – click here to register Location: Park Hills Community Church Banquet Hall 5247 Overdale Drive, Los Angeles, CA (near Slauson and Overhill) 1:00 pm luncheon 2:30 pm “Stage presentation of Yellow Brick Road Stories” This promises to be a fun, empowering and memorable event. Wear yourContinue reading “Jewel’s RED SHOE LUNCHEON Invitation”

Jewel’s Impact – testimonies

“Dear Self-esteem Dr. Jewel I have been called stuck up and anti-social for a long time. My coaching sessions with you changed my defensiveness and reactions. Thank you for helping me to see that because I had been hurt so much in the past that I learned to protect myself by withdrawing from close orContinue reading “Jewel’s Impact – testimonies”