Benefits of Life Coaching with Jewel aka “The Self-esteem Dr.”


Too often we feel a sense of shame, guilt or over responsibility ( e.g. feel like a bad Christian, bad wife, bad mother, bad sister, bad daughter). Or our inner self-talk says, “if I don’t ‘help or give.”…or “They will be in danger if I don’t help.” ….”or  “If I stay or if I prove or if I make him feel better, he will love me.” “I’ve invested so much already in this relationship and I don’t know how to stop the manipulation.” …”They need me because I have always been the; e.g. giver, the fixer, the savior, the rescuer, the breadwinner, the strong one in this family.”

I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Thank God I’m not what I used to be. Are you ready to stop playing the “rescue sheroe role”?

I empower my life coaching clients to GROW :
from procrastination to action,
from low self-esteem to a healthy worthiness,
from fear to faith,
from doubt to done, from idea to implementation, from setback to bounce back!

testimony Ollie

Is your life puzzling, problematic, painful, peaceful, productive or progressing? Life can seem like a mystery, magical, puzzling, exhausting, exciting, a battle or a blessing. The challenge for us all is to learn to trust the unknown and yet live in the present proactively planning our future.

” Jewel is an extremely astute coach, mentor, listener and guide. I had an initial Skype session with Jewel some time back. Since then I have aimed to put in to practice the clear steps she advised me to look at and work on. However, recently I hit a wall, and had an epiphany of what lay at the heart of the majority of my very long standing ‘ negative – self’mindset issues and this resulting suppressant to reach the potential God is calling me to. I knew how deeply significant this was for me and that I’d arrived at a clear watershed in my life. I immediately knew I needed to speak with Jewel. I knew she would read my situation, understand and discern with incisive authority, speaking courage, truth, honour and measured calm in the way that was necessary and fully appropriate to me. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you are really serious in turning your damaged mindsets round in your life for good so you can move on permanently speak with Jewel to get you on the right path and beyond. Jewel is the total package and genuine spirit-filled- sent article for those of us who need genuine encouragement and a restoration of true self worth.” Emily, United Kingdom

You may be perplexed by your past choices or present circumstances. You can be baffled about your next step because you are isolated or over think the process.  You may be stuck in grief, depression or a dysfunctional lifestyle. You may not understand that your problems are an invitation to grow in discernment, courage, wisdom, purpose, faith, fortitude or emotional intelligence. Sure, at times we feel confused and anxious. We wonder whether we’re making the “right decision.” Thoughts haunt us like…”What am I going to do with my life? “What have I done with my life ?@!#!” or “I’m ready to make something out of my life!” We begin to lack trust in ourselves and in the faithfulness of God.

a little progress

  As you grow in your coping skills, faith, self-esteem, relationships, anger issue and purpose you will be able to see how the pieces of your life are coming together. Nothing you have done has been a waste of time. Patience, prayer, perseverance and taking proactive steps will help you to see progress.

If you are enthusiastic about your goal, you will need direction.
If you are discouraged, you will benefit from coaching.
If you are cautious in moving forward, you will need support.
If you have a goal, you will either GIVE UP or GROW up in your commitment, endurance, faith, perseverance, and capacity for success.

Jewel Diamond Taylor puzzle

For over 25 years I have helped others to put together the pieces of their life. I’m here to serve you and/or your organization. Reply to e-mail or call me 323.964.1736 with your questions or to confirm your success coaching or counseling time with the Self-esteem Dr.”

“My decision to meet with Jewel as a Life Coach was a divine life changing decision. Jewel was so easy to talk to and I instantly felt comfortable enough to open up and share things that I had not shared before. She truly understood me which meant so much. The nuggets of wisdom that I walked away with I will forever treasure. She is truly an anointed Woman of God.” – B. W. (California)

“I took advantage of this and it was by far one of the best experiences/ coaching session ever. I was very touched that Mrs. Taylor ended our coaching session in Prayer not to mention I felt like a conqueror afterwards. I’m in desperate need of another coaching session and hopefully I can secure of of the available slots. Thank you!!” Wendy Reed

Click here to read more testimonials…women who have been impacted in a positive way!

~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, Conference Keynote Speaker, Success Coach, Author, Women’s Retreat Facilitator and Workshop Trainer

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