D-IAM-ond affirmations

Jewel colorful top (sage) smallSharing the power of affirmations and declarations to speak life into my circumstances, possibilities and potential:
. I should have new testimonies of growth by the end of the year as a result of my obedience, study, courage, faith, actions, giving and service. I AM proactive.
. I continue being a trailblazer understanding that any struggles, distractions or temptations that come my way are my testing and growing places. I AM resilient. I AM faithful and focused.
. I AM seeking to experience and understand the mystery of God in my life and share my joy and understanding of it.

. My financial security is my responsibility.  I AM disciplined, wealthy, talented, gifted and actively creating streams of income.  I act on my ideas.  I AM polishing up my gifts.  I gladly give and receive the abundant life.

. This is my body and I AM active, healthy, divine and eating healthier every day in every way.

. I continue to seek ways to re-tool and renew myself to guard off any doubt, exhaustion or stress. I AM healthy. I AM growing. I AM at peace.

I AM Diamond Affirmation Card
Jewel Diamond Taylor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Women’s Retreat Leader, Minister of God’s of Love, aka “The Self-esteem Dr.” 

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