Surfers Teaching Life Lessons

 “Lord speak to my heart. Tranquilize my soul. Let your balm heal my grief. I inhale your peace and exhale my stress. Renew my mind. Wash away my fears and tears. I want to learn the secret of the surfers who balance themselves and ride out the high waves. Instead of fighting the unavoidable strength and immensity of the ocean, through practice, resiliency and determination they learn to stand and balance themselves. Let me feel your rhythm Holy Spirit and experience the mystery and beauty of your creation.” ~ I AM a “Life Surfer” Jewel Diamond Taylor
take me to the ocean 2

I have never surfed in my life. But when I see the surfers waiting patiently for the right wave, I learn about patience. When I see them crash and get back on the board again, time after time, I learn about resiliency and perseverance. When I see them learn how to balance the huge waves, I am reminded to be strong. When I see them fluid and not resisting the strength of the waves, I’m reminded that I am not in control. Resisting what is happening is foolish. The master surfers don’t fight and resist the giant waves. The waves can be dangerous, scary, unpredictable, beautiful and deadly. It takes courage to ride a wave. They learn how waves work, where to look, where to sit on their board, how to position themselves, and sense when they should move in because the tide is changing. They don’t fight the force of nature. The big waves of life can destroy and swallow you or you can learn to ride the waves. Surfers don’t suffer from the illusion of control. They learn to relax and ride out the wave.
The ocean can be calm, rough, immense, scary, chaotic and beautiful. There is another whole world beneath. The world is covered with more ocean than land. I am continually intrigued and attracted to the message of the ocean and it’s surfers. I feel calm and renewed when I see the ocean.
I AM a “life surfer.” I am learning to ride out the tough times. I am learning to work on more balance. My courage is getting stronger to face the “waves” (e.g. loss, hurt, disappointment, grief, setbacks and frustration). I am not in control when the waves come. However, I am learning how to sit on my board and position myself to ride out the wave. I will stand even when it feels unsure, awkward and scary. I will plant my feet firmly in my faith and life purpose. I am patient and watch for the right wave (opportunity) to carry me to my destination. I will go out to the shore and see the beauty of life. I will breathe in God’s peace.

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