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Jewel Diamond Taylor

jewel baby picture     “I was born in the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D. C.  After completing his duty in the U. S. Army, my father, Robert Lewis, became a gemologist and a jewelry store owner.   

   After he passed away I began to read his books and became very curious about gem stones.  There’s a machine called the “Rock Tumbler”.   It tumbles dirty, rough and dull rocks in water. It’s very noisy as the rocks start to spin, fly, and crash into each other as they rumble around in the water. After all the tumbling and rubbing up against each other, the rocks that were once rough and dull come out shining and polished.  They are transformed. 

    Whatever pressure, tumbling, polishing or storm you are going through in life it is a process called transformation.  Some might feel they are being punished when really God is polishing and perfecting you for a higher purpose.  It never feels good or feels fair.  In our lives we crash, tumble and rub up against other.  Some people polish us up and some crush us.

    I have heard testimonies, questions, and stories of pain and success from women from all walks of life.  I have seen women so wounded that they can’t see beyond their past.  I have seen resilient women overcome cancer, divorce, abuse, poverty, unemployment, loneliness, promiscuity, ridicule, racism, sexism, single parenting, betrayal, addictions, procrastination, depression, homeless, anxiety disorders, anger, rape, incest, prison, low self-esteem/worth, grief and shame.  I have seen women grow and take leaps of faith.  I have seen women walk out of fear and right into their purpose.  I have seen women sit on their assets and some women blossom and grow into entrepreneurship.  My clothes have been soaked with tears and my ears have heard untold secrets of shame, hurt, dysfunctional families, depression and drama.  I was born for this!  I was born to co-labor with my sisters on their path of discovery, healing, peace and restoration.  I was born for this.  I know that a lot of my sisters are so heavily burden with just surviving, that they don’t have a smile.  They don’t have time or know how to enjoy the benefits of sisterhood, serenity, or self-care.   I gladly accept the assignment to be a guidepost towards the path of emotional wellness, joy, sanity, peace, sisterhood, purpose, coping skills, self-care, faith, healing and trusting again.  I was born for this!   I have seen women beat incredible odds and some who complain, whine and easily give up.  Some choose to grow and some choose being a a victim.  Some women think they will shock with their stories and some choose to live as silent sufferers.  No story can scare me or cause me to judge you.

    If you are trying to build your business or ministry, write a book, lose weight, become debt free, finish college, find a job, improve or heal relationships, let go of the past or break an addiction…surrender to the PROCESS to get to your PROMISE. Your step by step actions, perseverance, faith and discipline will make the difference. You may get tired, but stay inspired. Anything is possible with faith and action. There are no short cuts. The “PROCESS” is the price of admission to walk through the doors of success.”

        The journey of a diamond is a long and complex process.  Diamonds are formed under extreme temperatures and pressure.  The diamond industry uses “fire polish” to bring sparkle and create a fiery diamond that unleashes the quality, color, beauty and light within.  There is a big difference seen once a diamond is polished with fire…it becomes a blazing gem after being recut!  Once a diamond has been recut and polished by fire, it flashes with color and light.  Are you ready to be in a room full of empowerment, information and women sharing their stories, wisdom, experiences and FIRE?

F aith
I  nspiration
R eal connections
E mpowerment

     As an activist, messenger of God’s love, an author, sister, wife, mother,  grandmother, intuitive life coach/counselor, leader and influencer in the movement for women’s life enrichment, I have a keen sense of vision and sensitivity to the issues women face today.  I am honored to “fire polish” the attendees who attend my classes, conferences, retreats and coaching sessions. I have been privileged to help shape and polish women for their purpose, destiny, dreams and well-being.    I love to leave a little sparkle of encouragement, love, faith and empowerment wherever I go.” ~ The Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor aka “The Encouragement Whisperer”


Coping with Stress and Pressure

“When you are feeling under the pressure of life, be careful not to lose your way, your faith or your identity.  When I see the word “pressure”… I see two (2) words, PRESS and SURE.

The heavy weight of maintaining your family, business, ministry, job, studies, finances and meeting deadliness can PRESS down on you so hard that you can begin to question God and yourself.  You could begin to ask, “Are you sure God I’m supposed to be doing this? Are you sure I am anointed, blessed, talented, covered, called and destined to do this?  The phone isn’t ringing. The sales are slow. My progress is slow.  I feel stuck.  No one seems interested in keeping the family, the team, business or ministry together. You may begin to question yourself under the pressure and ask yourself, “Am I sure I can do this?  Am I sure God will show up?  Am I sure things will work out?  Am I sure I am qualified and ready? I’m not sure I can cope and handle this difficult situation.

When you are confused and discouraged because of the pressures in your life you could begin to give up.  You could easily give up your calling or decide to change your direction and do something different because your identity in God has been stolen.

These questions under pressure can cause you to experience Identity Theft.  External and internal voices, feelings and situations can cause you to lose your confidence and trust in God and trust in yourself.

   The term “identity theft” comes from the escalating criminal acts of finances, identification and credit being stolen. Those who fight against identity theft and arrest the criminals, warn people to do three (3) things to avoid identity theft.

I think the three steps can also be applied to protecting your spiritual identity. 1) DETER – minimize risk and safeguard important information and documents.

2) DETECT suspicious activity by routinely monitoring your financial accounts and billing statements.  3) DEFEND your identity and alert creditors to follow certain procedures before they open new accounts in your name or make changes to your existing accounts.

Everyone needs to realize they are vulnerable to financial and spiritual identity theft.  Thieves are cunning.  They study your habits and routine.  They look for easy access to your information.  The enemy knows when you are feeling down, discouraged, hopeless and dePRESSed.  The enemy knows when you are vulnerable.

When it comes to proactive steps to protect your spiritual identity 1) DETER – minimize risk by protecting your heart and who you share your time, dreams, goals and conversations with.  2) DETECT suspicious activity by monitoring on a regular basis your relationships, what you say, how you feel and what you believe. Check your spirit to avoid depression, pity parties, sabotaging behavior like shame, guilt and procrastination.  3) DEFEND yourself.  Block the enemy from stealing your joy and purpose.  Before you slip into darkness and want to give up, remind yourself who you really are in God.  Speak your declarations and affirmations.  Proclaim again that you are worthy, qualified, blessed and resilient. Go for it.  Stick with it.  Don’t let internal or external enemies discourage you with doubt. Defending your dreams and goals is like hiding a priceless jewels so potential robbers won’t find them and steal them. Defend your purpose and those dreams and goals which are precious to you.  Defend and protect your identity in the Lord.  You are who God says you are. Encourage yourself and defend your worthiness, talents, dreams, purpose and faith in God.  Read Psalm 139:17-18 and remember how precious you are to God.

1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always  be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” ~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Come back to life

Depression, drama and disappointments will cause you to emotionally and spiritually flat line. Listen to this brief message and receive some CPR Heart Therapy from inspirational speaker, author and life coach, The Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor

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