Shift Happens

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“People and circumstances will shift in your life. Shift happens! Learn how to adapt, cope, hold on, pray, deepen your faith, lighten up and tune up your discernment, and overcome feeling paralyzed so you can take action and can let go of the people who bring drama, pain and negativity into your life.

When “shift” happens surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people of faith and vision. When “shift” happens in your life…God is doing a new thing. It may feel painful…but it has a purpose.
Shift happens! Is it fair? Is it convenient? Can you control it? Is is what you expected? NO! But you don’t give up. You suffer when you focus and obsess on the fact that you have no control. To be fully present and emotionally sober to survive the “shift” you must stop resisting the seasons, the storms, the ebb and flow of life and surrender all to God. Then you will discover God’s grace and a strength you never knew you had. You are amazing!!! You are blessed. You are resilient.

I will discuss this topic more on my next Periscope video message LIVE “The 4 Types of SHIFTS in Life”  – Jewel Diamond Taylor, author


One response to “Shift Happens”

  1. This is so meaningful as all of your messages have been. Keep in the light so others may see God’s light and shine.

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