Dealing with Emotional Pain

“How do you metabolize the pain and difficult passages in your life?  Inner peace and maturing in our faith happens when we learn how to be reasonably comfortable with the uncontrollable.  Our culture teaches us to run from failure and sorrow instead of teaching us how to embrace and endure the adversity and loss.

Entering into the space of grief and loss teaches us that there is a legitimate place for sorrow as well as gratitude and hope.

We think we can avoid pain and be protected by our good deeds, pedigree, religious standing, accomplishments, acquisitions and masks.  Christians become saved and believe they are immune from problems. None of us can escape our appointed time of loss, disappointment, grief and emotional pain.  Pain, loss and sorrow are the admission price we pay for the privilege of living.

What discomfort are you avoiding?
Are you willing to confront your fears? Are you learning to cope, adapt, heal, let go and surrender?
Are you resisting loss, change and pain?
Are you making permanent decisions about temporary situations?
Are you isolating to avoid feeling ashamed, embarrassed, vulnerable or feeling insecure?
Do you think acknowledging your pain makes you weak?
Are you wearing a mask to survive and fit in?
Are you afraid people will judge you?
Have you lost confidence in yourself and faith in God?
Are you willing to break open your heart and allow the pain, fears and uncertainties flow out?
Are you willing to connect with others and have the courage to tell your story and speak up? What is your pain trying to tell you?

I’m becoming friends with pain so I don’t become hostage to the pain. I’m learning to let it pass through me like a visitor but not a resident that can move in and stay. The more courage I have to see and accept the pain…the less power is has to control and defeat me.”

~ Jewel Diamond Taylor, www.

One response to “Dealing with Emotional Pain”

  1. glorifyhim2002@ Avatar

    Hello, I met you when I was in Atlanta for Warmpirit at a Confeence there… I too have lost a son, in 1997,And, I know that type of pain and Loss my Only child was age 19 yrs. old,,, I was in Alaska where I was raised for 31 hrs,,,,,I wasn’t there when my Son, James Died….I still Cry at times about this but, it has Helped me over the years since moving from Alaska after my Sons passing,,,,,,I had to Re-Visit your site today because I needed to hear about your pain, I found your Web site again!

    I Appreciate you, I Love to Listen to your Coaching and you as a Leader…….
    And, I Was Encouraged even more today!!

    I want to Get That CD—” The Twelve Seats in God’s Waiting Room……..I am now doing a New Business at:
    I Love and Appreciate Your Words that Empower All Women!
    Andrea. Norris
    Portland, Oregon

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