I need Jewel’s Life Coaching

Here are some signs you would benefit from having Jewel Diamond Taylor offer you life coaching:  . you’re not happy with your current life situation, not sure where to start (feeling stuck) . you have trouble staying motivated . your heart was broken and it stole your joy and self-motivation . you desire a breakthrough inContinue reading “I need Jewel’s Life Coaching”

Invite Speaker for Your Event

Motivational Speaker, author, life coach, minister, columnist, media personality, Jewel Diamond Taylor can offer dynamic messages for your next event. Everyone must deal with change – in themselves, their families, their teams and their organizations. This session will offer life changing perspectives to empower participants to “GROW” through the change process, and the role leadersContinue reading “Invite Speaker for Your Event”

Jewel’s Book Store

You will have many great “aha” moments, “WOW” moments and “Thank you God!” moments from this popular, mind-growing, faith building, confidence boosting and heart healing book full of pearls of wisdom. Would you prefer Jewel’s latest book in e-book (pdf) format to read on your tablet/phone/computer today? Add this mind-growing, easy to read, keeping-it-real  bookContinue reading “Jewel’s Book Store”

Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor (bio)

Author Jewel Diamond Taylor, a native of Washington DC, presently resides in Southern California. Taylor is a wife mother and grandmother.  In 1984.  Jewel kicked the glass ceiling with her high heels as one of the 1st women of color motivational speakers. Colleges, churches, corporations, community events, retreats, and many government agencies have invited thisContinue reading “Meet Jewel Diamond Taylor (bio)”